Restaurant Management Forms

Easily create contracts and service agreements to help you run your restaurant operations with these fully customizable Restaurant Management Forms.

  • Contracts to hire a manager for one or more locations
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Leases and offers
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Canada Restaurant Lease

Canadian commercial landlords, lease a restaurant premises to a tenant with this Canada Restaurant Lease template.

  • This is a triple net lease, and the tenant pays all taxes, charges and assessments on the premises, all operating costs, all utilities and services to the premises.
  • Parking.The restaurant shares the common parking lot with other businesses in the mall or building.
  • Indemnification. The tenant indemnifies the landlord against any claims arising from the tenant's use and occupation of the space.
  • Use of Premises. The premises are to be used for the purposes of a restaurant only. This lease can be used for a dine-in or take-out and delivery restaurant. The tenant will have the exclusive right during the lease term to sell specific food items in the building / mall.
  • Insurance. The tenant is required to carry comprehensive general liability insurance, all risk insurance, boiler and machinery insurance (if applicable), and business interruption insurance.
  • Events of Default. If the tenant becomes bankrupt or insolvent, or if a receiver is appointed, the current month's rent and the next 3 months' rent will become immediately payable, and the landlord has the right to recover possession of the premises.
  • Dispute Resolution. The parties agree to binding arbitration in the event of a dispute.

Don't pay big legal bills to have a lawyer draft up your documents every time you need a lease. Download your own copy of this Canada Restaurant Lease and do it yourself.


Offer to Lease Restaurant Premises in Shopping Mall

Make an Offer to Lease a restaurant premises in a shopping mall with this ready-made template.

  • Rent Free Period. The tenant would have possession of the restaurant premises net rent free for a certain period of time at the beginning of the term in order to do fitting, fixturing and commence its business operations.
  • Tenant Costs. The tenant would be responsible for utilities, a proportionate share of taxes and common area expenses up to a specified maximum amount per square foot per year.
  • Replacement and Repairs. The tenant would be responsible for plate glass, general repairs and liability insurance for the premises.
  • Security Interest. The provisions of the lease would not give the landlord a security interest over the tenant's fixtures, equipment, merchandise or inventory.
  • This is a generic legal form template which is not specific to any country or region.

The Offer to Lease Restaurant Premises in Shopping Mall is fully editable to fit your particular circumstances.


Ontario Offer to Purchase Restaurant Assets

You can easily write an offer to buy the assets and property of a restaurant with this downloadable template Offer to Purchase for the Province of Ontario.

  • The offer becomes a legally binding agreement of purchase and sale once it has been accepted by the seller.
  • On closing, the buyer will pay the seller the value of liquor, food and beverages on hand, valued at either cost or net realizable value, whichever is lower.
  • The buyer is not required to purchase inventory older than two months or inventory which is unsaleable or unusable.
  • The buyer is responsible for remitting the GST applicable to the sale. The buyer will also pay retail sales tax on the purchased assets.
  • The seller will give the buyer reasonable access to the premises, books and records of the business to enable the buyer to conduct its due diligence investigation.
  • The agreement contains the standard representations and warranties of each party.
  • The seller agrees not to carry on or be involved with a competing business within an agreed proximity to the restaurant, and will not solicit customers or employees from the business.

The Ontario Offer to Purchase Restaurant Assets template is downloadable, easy to customize, and can be used as many times as you like.


Ontario Schedule to Asset Purchase Agreement for Restaurant

Attach this Schedule to an Asset Purchase Agreement for the assets of a restaurant business in the Province of Ontario.

  • The seller must comply with the requirements of the Ontario Bulk Sales Act.
  • Procedure for transferring the liquor license to the purchaser.
  • The seller warrants that the employees are not represented under a collective bargaining agreement.
  • Conditions of the purchaser for closing the transaction.
  • Representations and warranties of the seller.
  • Disclosure of revenues, expenses, contracts and business information.
  • Assignment of service contracts and leases, trade names, signage and phone numbers from the seller to the purchaser.

The Schedule to Asset Purchase Agreement for Restaurant covers the special conditions that apply when purchasing restaurant assets under Ontario provincial laws.


Restaurant Management Agreement

Hire a manager to run the day-to-day operations of a restaurant with this fully editable Restaurant Management Agreement.

  • The manager is responsible for hiring and training all staff, creating food and beverage menus, setting pricing and dress codes, and generally maintaining and operating the restaurant in accordance with the owner's operating standards.
  • The manager is also responsible for obtaining and maintaining all required licenses and permits.
  • The manager will establish and supervise all advertising and promotional campaigns for the restaurant.
  • The manager has no authority to enter into any lease or license agreement, incur any financial obligations except for ordinary trade debt, acquire any capital assets, or finance or otherwise encumber the restaurant.
  • The manager must obtain insurance coverages, including liability, all-risk, worker's compensation, disability, and business interruption.
  • The restaurant owner is responsible for negotiating all labor union collective bargaining agreements.
  • Extensive provisions governing termination of the agreement and the transfer of operations from the manager to the owner or to a replacement manager.

The Restaurant Management Agreement template is a downloadable legal contract which can be easily customized to fit your needs.


Resume for Chef

Are you applying for a position as a chef? Prepare your resume with this free template.

The Resume template contains sections for:
  • work experience and accomplishments,
  • education and certification,
  • training,
  • memberships and community affiliations,
  • competencies and proficiencies,
  • references.
This Resume for Chef template is available as a fully customizable Microsoft Word form.