Vehicle Sales and Leasing Forms

Prepare the paperwork you need to buy, sell, lease or repair vehicles with these Vehicle Sales and Leasing Forms.

  • Agreements for cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, boats, and aircraft.
  • Affordable downloadable templates that are easy to customize for your unique business.
  • Agreements, invoices, mechanic's lien forms.
  • Auction sale contracts and inspection forms.
  • Charter agreements for house boats.

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Aircraft Rental Agreement

Rent a small plane to licensed pilots and students with this Aircraft Rental Agreement.

  • The Agreement is ideal for a flight school or aviation club to use for its members and students.
  • It can also be used by the owner of an aircraft to rent his/her plane to other pilots.
  • The Rental Agreement includes provisions for both wet rates (fuel included) and dry rates (fuel not included).
  • The renting pilot must file a flight plan and notify the club of any deviations.
  • The renting pilot must pay for all costs of landing at another airport due to emergency or weather.
  • The pilot's license must be current for the aircraft being rented.
  • The pilot must comply with all federal aviation regulations.
  • The pilot is liable for all damages which occur while the aircraft is in the pilot's possession.
  • The Agreement also includes an insurance statement which allows the renter pilot to either prepay the hull damage deductible or accept responsibility for the deductible in the event of a damage claim.

The Aircraft Rental Agreement template is a generic legal document that does not reference the legislation of any specific country.


Alberta Purchase Agreement for New or Used Vehicles

Alberta car dealers, write up your customer contracts with this template Vehicle Purchase Agreement.

  • If the vehicle is new, it is covered by the manufacturer's New Vehicle Warranty. If the vehicle is used, the purchaser specifically waives the provisions of the Sale of Goods Act.
  • If the dealer is financing the transaction, the dealer has the right to repossess the vehicle if the purchaser defaults in payment, and to retain any amounts paid as liquidated damages.
  • The purchaser agrees to keep the vehicle properly insured and provide the dealer with proof of insurance.
  • The template can be used as a preprinted form by printing it out and filling it in by hand, or filled in on the computer and then printed for signature.

Digital templates save you time and money. Get this Alberta Purchase Agreement for New or Used Vehicles for your dealership.


Australia Bareboat Vessel Charter Agreement

Hire out a yacht, sailboat or pleasure craft in Australia with this Bareboat Vessel Charter Agreement.

  • The charterer will either skipper the vessel or will provide a skipper and crew. The skipper must be sufficiently experienced and competent to handle and operate the vessel.
  • The charterer must redeliver the vessel in the same condition as at the start of the charter, clean and fully provisioned and fueled.
  • The charter operator's liability is limited in accordance with Part VIII of the Navigation Amendments Act.
  • The charter must limit its use of the vessel to the limits permitted by the relevant waterway authority, and must observe all rules and regulations applicable to right of way, anchoring and mooring of pleasure craft.
  • For self-catered charters, the charterer must ensure that all catering and bar personnel are sufficiently qualified and that all liquor licensing laws are complied with.

This Australia Bareboat Vessel Charter Agreement is a downloadable legal template that is governed by Australian laws.


Australia Skippered Vessel Charter Agreement

Hire out a skippered yacht or boat to holidayers with this Australia Skippered Vessel Charter Agreement.

  • The charter operator will supply the services of the vessel master.
  • The master has sole authority to determine if the weather conditions are unsafe and to vary the course of the vessel due to weather, other vessel traffic or any other reason.
  • The master also has the authority to terminate the charter if the party does not abide by the operator's rules regarding use of the vessel.
  • Any damage, loss, refuelling costs, restocking fees for consumables, etc. will be deducted from the charterer's security deposit.
  • The Agreement contains an additional section for self-catered charters.
  • If the charter is ended early due to weather, breakdown or other reason not caused by the charterer's party, a prorated refund will be issued to the charterer.

The Australia Skippered Vessel Charter Agreement is a fully editable legal form template. Easy to customise for your specific charter business.


Australia Vehicle Rental Contract

Hire out cars, trucks, motorbikes and off-road vehicles with this Vehicle Rental Contract for Australia.

  • The rental company makes full disclosure of the condition of the vehicle.
  • The hirer agrees to pay for all petrol and other fluids and for refilling the tank upon returning the vehicle.
  • GST is included in rental charges.
  • Driving licence and age requirements/
  • Insurance cover and liability reduction packages.
  • Requirements for payment of security bond.
  • Limitations on use of the vehicle.
  • Child seat requirements.
  • Restrictions on certain areas where the vehicle cannot be driven.

The Australia Vehicle Rental Contract can be used in any state or territory.


Bailment Agreement for Vehicle

Place your vehicle temporarily in the care of another person with this template Vehicle Bailment Agreement.

  • You need a Bailment Agreement for situations where your vehicle is in someone else's possession for a short period, for instance if you loan it to someone or they're storing a vehicle for you.
  • The bailee (person who has possession of the vehicle) is responsible for looking after the vehicle and returning it in the same condition as when it was bailed.
  • The bailee indemnifies the vehicle owner against all liability arising when the bailee had possession of the vehicle.
  • The owner may terminate the agreement prior to its expiry for any misuse or neglect of the vehicle by the bailee.

This Vehicle Bailment Agreement is a generic legal form template that is not country-specific and can be used almost anywhere.