Nanny and Childcare Forms

Hire a nanny or manage your own daycare center or au pair placement service with these template Nanny and Childcare Forms.

  • Buy downloadable employment, placement and referral contracts for babysitters, day care providers or live-in nannies.
  • All templates are easy to customize to fit your unique needs.
  • Some forms are country-specific and some are generic and can be used in many places.
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Australia Nanny Employment Contract

Does your family need a nanny? Hire someone suitable to care for your children under this Nanny Employment Contract form for Australia.

  • This template can be used for either live-in or live-out nannies.
  • The contract covers such standard items as salary, deductions, superannuation contributions, accommodation and meals, benefits, holidays, sick leave, dismissal/disciplinary procedures, and grievance resolution.
  • A confidentiality provision is included to protect your family's personal and business information.
  • Fully editable legal form that can be easily modified for your specific needs.

The Australia Nanny Employment Contract form can be used in any state or territory.


Canada Nanny Employment Agreement

Hire a nanny to work with your family with this Nanny Employment Agreement for Canada.

  • This template contract can be used for Canadian employees or for foreign workers emigrating to Canada.
  • The agreement contains all the standard provisions required by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).
  • The employer agrees to provide health care insurance until the nanny is eligible for provincial health insurance.
  • The employer will deduct the necessary remittances, including income tax, employment insurance and CPP or Quebec Pension Plan (as applicable).
  • The employer is responsible for paying any recruitment or placement fees involved in obtaining the nanny's services.
  • This template includes provisions for live-in and live-out nannies.

Add the Nanny Employment Agreement to your cart and check out. You'll be able to download the contract immediately after your payment goes through.


Canada Nanny Referral Contract

Nanny and au pair placement services in Canada can sign up candidates for placement with their clients with this easy-to-use template Nanny Referral Contract.

  • The agency's role is to act as a referral agent only. The nanny is not employed by the agency.
  • The agency is not obligated to find a position for the nanny.
  • The nanny must pay all of his/her own travel and relocation expenses.
  • The nanny does not pay any agency fees. The employer is responsible for paying all of those fees.
  • The agency will have no liability arising from any referral, and will have no obligation to reimburse the nanny for any fees or costs incurred by the nanny during the job search.
  • The agency and prospective employers have the right to verify all information provided by the nanny.

To get the Nanny Referral Contract for your agency, add it to your cart and check out. Once done, you'll be able to download the form and customize it for your business.


Child Daycare Service Agreement

Have a parent or guardian sign this Child Daycare Service Agreement before you accept their child(ren) into your daycare facility.

  • This contract template can be used by home daycares and by larger facilities.
  • The template sets out the fees, extra charges hours of daycare, provisions for overtime and additional care, holiday closures, vacation time, and provisions for closures and absences due to illness.
  • The contract lists the items that the daycare and the parent will be responsible for.
  • This package also includes a Medical Information and Emergency Contact sheet, Medical Authorization form, Parental Consent form, and Authorization to Release Child to Alternate, to allow a person other than the parent to pick up the child.

Every daycare should use a written Service Agreement. Download yours today.


Day Care Center Policies and Practices Handbook

Draw up a parent handbook for clients of your child care center with this Daycare Policies and Practices template. The handbook contains sections dealing with:

  • Discipline and behavior management procedures for older children.
  • Items to be supplied by parents and guardians.
  • Daily schedule, outings, after hours care, mealtimes, nap times.
  • Policies for picking up and dropping off children at the facility.
  • Security procedures, playground safety, fire drills, weather emergencies.
  • Hygiene, cleaning, laundry, diaper changes.
  • Medications, first aid, allergies, illness and health concerns.
  • Fees and charges, closures, termination, part-time and drop-in care.
  • Dispute resolution and custody issues.

Once you've purchased the Policies and Practices Handbook, you can download and easily customize it to fit the character of your daycare facility.


Nanny Employment Application Form

Does your personnel agency find placements for nannies and au pairs? Use this template form to create a customized Nanny Employment Application Form for candidates to complete prior to getting referrals.

The applicant must provide relevant personal information including:
  • past experience,
  • driving record and experience,
  • criminal record,
  • medical history,
  • education,
  • interests,
  • employment history and references.
This Nanny Employment Application Form template is a downloadable MS Word file which is fully customizable to fit your business.