Sales and Auction Forms

Create sales contracts, bills of sale, order forms and layaway agreements with these customizable Sales and Auction Forms.

  • Template forms for sales departments, independent sales reps and auction houses.
  • Marketing letters and lead generation agreements.
  • Order forms, receipts, customer notices.
  • Personalize the templates with your company logo, contact information and details.
  • Digital downloads that can be used over and over. Save money on restocking and printing costs.
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15 Million Dollar Sales Letters

A good sales letter can mean the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. Download this free guide to writing winning sales letters.

  • The guide contains 15 sample sales letters designed to illustrate different selling techniques.
  • These sample letters have actually been used by successful mail order entrepreneurs.

If your income depends on the strength of your sales letters, you should read "15 Million Dollar Sales Letters".


Acknowledgement of Change to Purchase Order

Before you change the terms of a customer's order, get them to acknowledge the change in writing by signing this Acknowledgement Form.

Protect yourself and your business by getting all changes acknowledged in writing. This will make it clear that the customer knows about and agrees to the changes, and reduces your exposure to liability claims.

You can download the free form, or copy and paste the text below.


To: (name of customer)

Address: _______________________

Order Number: ____________

It is hereby agreed and acknowledged that Order _____________ is altered and superceded by the following agreed upon change in terms:


All other terms of the Order shall remain as stated and shall not change. Unless you contact us within a reasonable amount of time or in any event by no later than ________________, we shall assume that the above alteration is mutually agreed, and we shall proceed upon the altered terms.

Please sign below to indicate your agreement to the change of the Order, and return to us.

The above change is acknowledged this _____ day of ______________, 20____.

(signature of customer)

Auction Agreement for Sale with Reserve

Auctioneers, write up a seller contract for a reserve bid sale with this customizable Auction Agreement for Sale with Reserve.

  • Seller's Costs. The seller will pay for the auction catalog, advertising, delivery of the goods to the auctioneer, and insurance up until the time of delivery.
  • Insurance. Once the goods are in the auctioneer's possession, the auctioneer is responsible for all risk insurance coverage.
  • Promotion. The auctioneer is responsible for distributing the catalog and arranging the advertising for the sale.
  • Compensation. The auctioneer's compensation will be in the form of a buyer's premium on all sales, not to exceed 15%.
  • Scope of Agreement. This contract can be used for general sales of vehicles and household goods, or for auctions of collectibles, antiques, art, and other special items.

This Auction Agreement for Sale with Reserve is available in MS Word format. Download and customize for your unique business.


Auction Consignment Contract & Submission Form

All sellers who want to submit items for sale at auction should complete this Auction Consignment Contract and Submission Form.

  • The contract terms and conditions are on one side of the page, and the submission form is on the other side.
  • The form can also be converted to an html page for online auctions.
  • Use this contract for general sales or for sales of collectibles, antiques, art, and other special items.
  • Downloadable and easy to customize so you can add your company info and logo.

This Auction Consignment Contract and Submission Form is available as a Microsoft Word template.


Authorization to Return Goods

Authorize a customer to return certain merchandise to you with this downloadable Authorization to Return Goods notice.

  • The supplier agrees to accept the return of specific items and apply a credit to the customer's account.
  • The value of the goods must not exceed a specific sum, and handling charges will be applied.
  • The returned goods must be in a re-saleable condition.
  • The customer must pay the costs of shipping and insurance.
  • The customer must settle the remaining balance.
This Authorization to Return Goods form is in MS Word format, and is easy to download, fill in with your details, and print off.

Conditional Sale Contract

Prepare a Conditional Sale Contract for the purchase and sale of goods between a buyer and seller with this template form.

  • The contract sets out the price and down payment, financing and other charges applicable to the transaction.
  • The seller retains title to the goods being sold, and has the right to take back the goods if the buyer defaults in making a payment.
  • This is a generic legal form which is not specific to any country, state or province.
The Conditional Sale Contract template is a downloadable, fill-in-the-blank type of form.