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Ontario Farm Lease for Buildings Only - $17.99

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File Type : Microsoft Word

ON farm owners, lease the buildings on your property to a tenant with this Ontario Farm Lease Agreement for Buildings Only.

  • The lease can be either for a fixed period of time or can run year to year.
  • The tenant must allow incoming tenants or purchasers access to the land in order to harvest the crops and work the land.
  • The tenant agrees to keep all buildings and fences in good repair.
  • The tenant agrees not to keep vehicles of any kind in barns or sheds without the landlord's consent.
  • The landlord allows the tenant a right of way over the land owned by the landlord in order to access the buildings.
  • The parties agree to arbitration in the event of a dispute.
This Ontario Farm Lease for Buildings Only is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your circumstances.

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