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Alberta Agreement for Condominium Alterations - $12.49

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Are you planning renovations to your condo unit that might affect the common elements of the building? You'll need this Alteration and Indemnification Agreement to get the approval of the condominium corporation before you start.

  • This agreement template complies with the provisions of the Alberta Condominium Property Act.
  • As an inducement to get approval, the unit owner indemnifies the condo corporation and assumes full responsibility for any damages resulting from the renovations.
  • The renovations must be done in accordance with specifications approved by the corporation.
  • The owner warrants that the renovations will be in compliance with the requirements of the insurance policies covering the property, and the owner agrees to pay the cost of any increase in the insurance coverage.

Make sure you stay within the requirements of the Act and the bylaws. Download the Condominium Alteration and Indemnification Agreement and get the consent of the Board for your renovations.

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