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    Canada Takeover Bid Offering Circular


    An Offering Circular must be distributed to the shareholders and security holders of any Canadian corporation which is the target of a takeover bid. The Circular contains information required by the shareholders, such as:

    • history of the offeror and a description of its business,
    • the purpose of the offering and the offeror's plans following the purchase,
    • beneficial ownership and trading of the offeror's securities,
    • securities subject to the offering,
    • effects of the offer on the market for the corporation's securities,
    • source of the offeror's funds for the purchase,
    • income tax considerations,
    • Competition Act legislation,
    • statutory rights of offerees.

    Download the Canada Takeover Bid Offering Circular in MS Word format, or we can convert it into another format on request.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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