Business Presentations

Create and deliver more powerful and successful Business Presentations with these downloadable templates.

  • Giving a memorable presentation is an art, but it's one that you can master with the right tools and preparation.
  • You can inform without being boring, entertain without looking ridiculous, and wow the audience without making them lose track of the point of the presentation.
  • Use technology and visual aids to enhance and illustrate your points.
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Checklist for News Conferences and Special Events

Staging media news conferences or company special events requires a lot of planning and attention to detail. This checklist will help you stage a first-class event by staying on top of:

  • venue preparation,
  • media kits and press releases,
  • gifts for VIPs,
  • parking,
  • catering,
  • signs and maps,
  • tours,
  • agenda,
  • photography,
  • speakers,
  • and more.

The Checklist for News Conferenc.....


Delivering an Effective Introduction Speech

Have you ever been called upon to give a speech to introduce someone to a large gathering?

  • This free article can assist you in delivering a good solid effective introduction.
  • Learn what the goals of an introductory speech are.
  • A list of do's and don'ts that you can apply while writing your speech.

Giving an effective introduction is an important part of the art of public speaking.


Giving a Eulogy

Being asked to give a eulogy is a great honor in a time of great sadness. Let this article guide you through preparing and delivering an appropriate eulogy.

  • Learn how to use the right words to comfort family and friends in your address.
  • How to draw upon memories of the deceased that illustrate his/her life and character.
  • Learn how to gather and organize your information.
  • How to celebrate the deceased's life in a manner appropriate to the circumsta.....

Giving a Good Acceptance Speech

Giving an acceptance speech can be nerve-wracking. This free article guides you through the process. Learn how to:

  • appear gracious, humble and somewhat self-deprecating,
  • give credit and thanks where due, and
  • allow your audience to see you in a personal light.

Giving a good acceptance speech is an art that can be learned. Download the free article today.


How to Build the Foundation of a Speech

Learn to write an informative and comprehensive speech with this free article, 'Building the Foundation of a Speech', which covers the following topics:

  • how to formulate the argument you're presenting,
  • how to outline your reasoning,
  • how to present the evidence you have used to reach your conclusions,
  • how to gather and test your evidence,
  • how to use specific instances to arrive at general conclusions,
  • how to argue using analo.....

How to Make a Presentation to a Prospective Client

A well-done presentation can score you a new client. This 10-page expert guide and checklist will help you hone your presentation skills.

Learn how to:

  • identify prospects and initiate the process;
  • prepare, plan, write and rehearse your material for the presentation;
  • assess your audience;
  • relax and overcome a fear of public speaking;
  • improve your presentation techniques;
  • use a microphone effectively;
  • use visua.....

How to Use Body Language Effectively

Do you know what you're saying when you're not saying anything? Get this downloadable guide and learn how to use your body language as effective communication.

    • Learn how non-verbal cues can establish rapport with your audience and help emphasize and deliver your message when giving a speech.
      • Tips on how to appear relaxed and give a good impression before you even begin your presentation.
      • How to reinforce your verbal message with your physical p.....

Improving Your Performance Skills

Chances are, you will be called upon to give a talk, a lecture, a speech, a toast or a business presentation at some point. This article can help you improve your performance skills with tips for:

  • enhancing your stage presence,
  • developing good vocal quality and performance skills,
  • capturing and keeping the attention of your audience, and
  • gaining confidence in yourself as a public speaker.

Public speaking is an art that anyone can lea.....


Improvising a Speech

Have you ever been called to give a speech at the last minute? Brush up your improvisational skills with this free downloadable guide.

  • Learn the basics of improvisational speaking.
  • How to improve your ad libbing abilities.
  • How to develop a framework to allow you to talk off the cuff at a moment's notice.

Improvising a speech can be a great success or a total disaster. This free guide can help you avoid the latter.


PowerPoint Presentation Template

Design your next business presentation with this professional Microsoft PowerPoint template. The slide background features a radar screen for a retro-modern feel.

The PowerPoint presentation contains three slide templates, which are fully editable to fit your needs:
  • presentation title slide;
  • main body slide with heading, topic heading and bullet point styles;
  • video slide.
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Main color - blue