Download easy template Storage and Parking Agreements for warehouse facilities, self storage units, vehicle storage and marina slips in the USA.

  • Reusable, affordable and customizable legal forms for mini-storage facilities, warehouses, public and private parking, marinas.
  • Fully editable, easy to customize for your unique business.
  • Some forms are State-specific to comply with applicable State laws.
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California Boat and RV Storage Rental Agreement

Rent vehicle storage in a self-storage facility to a customer with this template California Boat and RV Storage Rental Agreement.

  • The renter (vehicle owner) must maintain adequate insurance for fire and property damage on the vehicle at all times.
  • The storage company is not liable for any damage, loss or injury and the renter indemnifies and holds the storage company harmless against any claims, suits, damages or expenses.
  • The storage company claims a lien o.....

California Notice of Lien Sale Forms

California self storage operators, before you can proceed with a lien sale on a storage unit you must serve the occupant with a Notice of Lien Sale and Declaration in Opposition to Lien Sale.

This package of forms contains:

  1. Notice of Lien Sale, in accordance with California Business and Professions Code Section 21705

  2. Declaration in Opposition to Lien Sale

  3. Proof of Service form.

NOTE: Bef.....


California Parking Stall Lease

If you have parking spots sitting vacant, rent them out to the public with this California Parking Stall Lease Agreement.

  • You can use this template to lease an on-street parking space in a residential area, or to rent spots in a commercial facility like a parkade.
  • This is a monthly rental contract which can be canceled by either party on 1 month's notice.
  • The parking lot owner is not liable for loss of items left in the vehicle.
  • The parking space i.....

California Preliminary Self Storage Lien Notice

Protect your lien rights with this Preliminary Self Storage Lien Notice form for the State of California.

  • This Notice must be given by the owner of a self-storage facility to the occupant of a storage unit who is behind in paying the storage fees.
  • The Notice advises the occupant that the owner has a potential lien claim over items stored in the unit.
  • The occupant must pay the outstanding charges on the unit by a specified date, or the lien will be imposed a.....

California Vehicle Storage Agreement

Prepare customer contracts for a California vehicle storage facility quickly and easily with this template California Vehicle Storage Agreement.

  • If the vehicle owner defaults in payment of storage fees or other amounts due, the vehicle could be subject to lien sale proceedings.
  • The storage facility's liability is limited to either the fair retail used vehicle value of the vehicle at the date of the agreement or the value declared by the owner, whichever is less.

Colorado Boat and RV Storage Rental Agreement

Colorado vehicle storage firms can prepare customer contracts in just a few minutes with this downloadable Boat and RV Storage Rental Agreement.

  • Ownership Evidence. The vehicle owner must provide proof of ownership and proof of vehicle registration at the time the agreement is signed.
  • Insurance.The renter must maintain adequate insurance for fire and property damage on the vehicle at all times.
  • Fees. Storage fees are due on the first of .....

Florida Self Storage License Agreement

Write a customer contract for a Florida self storage facility quickly and easily with this template Self Storage License Agreement.

  • The lease can be for 1 year or month to month.
  • The renter agrees not to store property in the unit that is valued above an agreed-upon value.
  • The renter grants the facility a first priority lien over the renter's goods in storage, as security for the renter's performance under the agreement.
  • The facility has the ri.....

Idaho Vehicle Storage Agreement

Vehicle storage contracts require specific provisions. Get your customer paperwork done faster with this easy Vehicle Storage Agreement for Idaho storage facilities.

  • Term. The Storage Agreement can run either month to month, or for a fixed term (such as 1 year). If for a fixed term, the customer can either make one lump sum payment, or pay a monthly charge against the balance.
  • Lien. The storage facility has a lien on all personal property for any unpaid .....

Kansas Self Storage Rental Agreement

This Kansas Self Storage Rental Agreement is an ideal way for mini-storage businesses to create customer rental contracts quickly and easily at a great price.

  • You can use this contract for commercial and non-commercial customers.
  • Renters must provide their own locks and obtain their own insurance for the contents of their unit.
  • Renters may access their storage unit only when they are not in breach of the contract.
  • Renters cannot use their storage u.....

Maryland Self Storage Rental Agreement

Get this downloadable Self Storage Rental Agreement for your Maryland mini-storage business, and use it to rent your storage units to customers today.

  • Renters are responsible for their own locks and contents insurance.
  • Renters must not use the storage unit to store dangerous, hazardous, or illegal items.
  • Residents cannot make any alterations to the storage unit.
  • The Agreement cannot be assigned or transferred without the operator's consent.
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