Download loan agreements, promissory notes, guarantees and other mortgage forms for Canadian mortgage lenders.

  • Many of these forms are province-specific to comply with applicable provincial legislation.
  • Certain forms cannot be used in Quebec.
  • Easy to use templates that can be re-used as often as required.
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Alberta Affidavit of Value

Prepare an Affidavit of Value for an Alberta foreclosure action with this free form.

  • The person swearing the Affidavit attests to the value of a property which is the subject of a foreclosure action.
  • The affidavit must be sworn by the plaintiff or an officer of the plaintiff, as transferee, and filed with the Land Titles Office.
  • This form is part of the documentation required to transfer the land once a foreclosure order has been obtained through Court of Qu.....

Alberta Assignment of Mortgage

Assign a mortgage to another mortgagee with this free Alberta Assignment of Mortgage form.

The current mortgage lender assigns the mortgage loan to a third party (for instance, another lender who is taking over the assets of the existing lender).

Free Alberta Assignment of Mortgage form available in MS Word format.

Alberta Collateral Mortgage and Promissory Note

A collateral mortgage can be used to secure a line of credit, a revolving loan, or other credit facility where the balance owing changes from time to time. Use this template Collateral Mortgage and Promissory Note for credit facilities in Alberta.

  • The borrower is responsible for insuring, repairing, and maintaining the mortgaged property and for paying all taxes and assessments.
  • The lender is appointed as the borrower's attorney (agent) for the purpose of recovering a.....

Alberta Non-Disturbance Agreement

Placing a mortgage on a commercial building? If you have business tenants, you should provide them with a signed Non-Disturbance Agreement from the mortgage lender.

  • A non-disturbance agreement is used when a landlord is using the building as security for a loan or other debt.
  • The commercial tenants are given a measure of comfort by having the mortgage lender sign the agreement.
  • The mortgage lender agrees that if the landlord defaults on the mortgage and the .....

Alberta Standard Charge Fixed Rate Mortgage

Secure a loan with real estate under the terms of this Standard Charge Fixed Rate Closed Term Mortgage for Alberta.

  • Renewal. Early renewal privileges, i.e. the mortgage may be renewed on any installment payment date.
  • Interest. Interest will be calculated half-yearly, not in advance.
  • Property Taxes. The mortgage lender may elect to pay the property taxes when they come due, or elect to have the borrower (mortgagor) pay the taxes.
  • $29.99

Alberta Vendor Take-Back Mortgage

Have you found a buyer for your property who can't qualify for a mortgage? Lend them the amount they need with this Vendor Take-Back Mortgage for Alberta real estate properties.

  • A vendor take-back mortgage (also known as a 'purchase money mortgage') is often used for real estate transactions between family members.
  • The seller (vendor) agrees to carry all or part of the purchase price for the real estate and the buyer will make regular payments to the seller, just as.....

Canada Balloon Mortgage Promissory Note

Canadian mortgage lenders, prepare a Balloon Mortgage Promissory Note with this downloadable template.

  • The borrower agrees to make monthly payments against the secured amount, until the date of the final payment.
  • The final payment will be a balloon payment in full of the entire balance of principal and interest outstanding at the maturity date.
  • The Note is secured by a mortgage on the borrower's property.

This Canada Balloon Mortgage Pro.....


Canada Declaration of Occupancy

Canadian mortgage lenders require mortgagors to provide a Declaration of Occupancy as part of the documentation for a residential mortgage loan.

  • The purchasers declare that they do or will occupy the property as their principal residence and will not turn it into a rental property.
  • The mortgage lender will require this Declaration as evidence that the purchasers plan to live on the property, as a condition of granting the mortgage.
  • This form can be used in .....

Canada Directors Resolution to Approve Purchase of Mortgage

Authorize a Canadian business corporation to purchase a mortgage with this template Directors Resolution form.

  • The Board of Directors of the corporation approve the purchase of a mortgage from a third party mortgagee.
  • This template can be used for federal corporations or for companies incorporated in any province which has a Business Corporations Act.
The Canada Directors Resolution to Approve Purchase of Mortgage is a downloadable MS Word .....

Canada Directors Resolution to Approve Sale of Mortgage

Prepare a Directors Resolution for a Canadian corporation approving the sale of a mortgage with this free downloadable form.

  • The Board of Directors authorizes the sale of a mortgage held as security by the corporation.
  • This template can be customized for use under either federal or provincial Business Corporations Act legislation.
This Canada Directors Resolution to Approve Sale of Mortgage form is in MS Word format.