Film Distribution and Licensing Forms

Get your movies to market with these template Film Distribution and Licensing Contracts. Affordable, downloadable forms which are fully editable and easy to customize for your production.

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Broadcast License Agreement for TV and Internet

Grant a license to cable and satellite networks to show a movie on television and online with this TV and Internet Broadcast License Agreement.

  • The motion picture distributor grants the licensee the right to distribute and broadcast its films via basic cable, pay TV, subscription TV, pay per view, satellite and internet transmission.
  • The licensee will have the authority to edit the motion pictures as required to comply with censorship requirements, to translate and du.....

Canada TV Movie Distribution Agreement

Set out the terms under which a made-for-TV movie will be distributed in this Television Distribution Agreement template for Canadian productions.

  • The distributor is granted exclusive rights to exploit the picture in television, home video market, VOD, digital transmission, and merchandising.
  • The distributor also has the right to edit the picture as required for purposes of time integration, censorship, commercials, etc., and the producer waives its moral rights in th.....

Definition of Gross and Net Receipts (Film Distribution)

This 2-page Definition of Gross and Net Receipts defines what each of the terms in a film distribution agreement means, and should be attached to the agreement as a schedule.

  • The attachment can be appended to any film industry contract which requires a definition of receipts, expenses and profits.
  • The schedule defines the different forms of receipts (theatrical, non-theatrical, outright sales, television, video, auxiliary receipts, miscellaneous receipts), as well as .....

Definition of Gross Receipts After Breakeven (Film Distribution)

This Definition of Gross Receipts After Breakeven clarifies how breakeven points, receipts, distribution fees and expenses, film rentals, and other revenues and costs will be treated and applied under a Film Distribution Agreement.

  • The document should be attached as a schedule to your Distribution Agreement.
  • The schedule sets out how license fees will be allocated when the fees apply to more than one motion picture.
  • Foreign receipts are not included in gross.....

Definition of Net Profits (Film Distribution)

This is a 5-page schedule that defines and clarifies what constitutes net profits, receipts, and expenses in a film distribution agreement.

This schedule can be attached to any film industry contract in which fees, royalties and other payments are calculated based on income derived from:
  • license fees,
  • residuals,
  • distribution fees,
  • theatrical and/or non-theatrical receipts,
  • television and video receipts,
  • other income from the .....

Distributor Assumption Agreement for Residuals

Make sure your film distributors sign this Distributor Assumption Agreement to comply with SAG requirements for payment of residuals.

  • In order to ensure that SAG members are paid the residuals that they are owed, Screen Actor's Guild requires all movie producers to have their distributors sign an assumption agreement under which they agree to pay residual payments directly to SAG instead of to the producer.
  • This legal form template sets out how and when the residuals .....

Film Distribution Security Agreement

Film producers, secure payment of the amounts owed to you by the distributors of your motion picture with this Film Distribution Security Agreement.

  • The distributor grants the producer a continuing security interest in the debtor's distribution and exploitation rights in the picture, and the proceeds realized from those rights.
  • The producer may exercise its security interest if the distributor fails to pay any amount owing under the

Film Producer Representative Agreement

Hire an agent to arrange completion financing and worldwide distribution of your motion picture with this Film Producer Representative Agreement.

  • The agent's appointment is exclusive and the producer agrees not to circumvent the agent, or arrange for financing or distribution services through any other party during the term of the Agreement.
  • The agent will draft and negotiate distribution agreements, and provide consultation services to the producer. In addition to a .....

Home Video Distribution Agreement

Distribute feature length motion pictures to the home entertainment market with this customizable Home Video Distribution Agreement.

  • The producer of the film names the distributor as its exclusive distributor to manufacture, distribute and exploit the producer's films on video, DVD, laser disc, streaming, and all other media formats throughout a defined territory.
  • The distributor will pay an advance acquisition payment per product, to acquire distribution and related .....

International Television Distribution Agreement

Distribute a made-for-TV movie worldwide with this International Television Distribution Agreement.

  • The distributor has exclusive rights to distribute, license, market, promote and exploit the motion picture in all languages, in all forms of television media, and the home entertainment market.
  • The distributor also has the right to edit the movie as required for purposes of time integration, censorship, commercials, etc., and to make dubbed, sub-titled and close captio.....