Never loan money - not even to family - without getting a Promissory Note from the borrower. Some of these forms are State-specific, but most of these downloadable templates can be used anywhere in the United States or its territories.

Loaning money to family and friends can often be a recipe for disaster. Even with an IOU or promissory note, sometimes the borrower will fail to repay the debt, and you will have to decide whether you should sue them for the money. If you do take them to court, your signed promissory note is proof that you made the loan, and that the borrower promised to repay it on the terms agreed to in the note.

But often the actual signing of a legal document makes the transaction more business-like, more like dealing with a bank. That in itself can act as a catalyst to ensure that the borrower makes the payments on time and honors the terms of the loan, especially when the borrower considers that you have a signed promise from him / her to repay the debt which will stand up as evidence in court.

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Mississippi Balloon Promissory Note

Secure the repayment of a loan in Mississippi with this easy template Balloon Promissory Note.

  • The borrower agrees to make a series of equal monthly payments against the secured amount, until the date of the final payment which will be a balloon payment, i.e. payment in full of the entire balance of principal and interest outstanding at that date.
  • The borrower may make additional payments in addition to the monthly installments by paying a prepayment penalty, w.....

USA Balloon Mortgage Promissory Note

USA mortgage lenders, prepare a Balloon Mortgage Promissory Note with this downloadable template.

  • The borrower agrees to make monthly payments against the secured amount, until the date of the final payment.
  • The final payment will be a balloon payment (payment in full of the entire balance of principal and interest outstanding at that date).
  • The Note is secured by a mortgage on the borrower's property.
This USA Balloon Mortgage Promissory Note<.....

USA Demand Promissory Note

Before you lend someone money, even if it's someone you know really well, you should have them sign a promissory note - like this downloadable Demand Promissory Note form.

  • This is a simple form of Note that can be used throughout the United States.
  • The note is payable on demand.
  • The debt can be prepaid at any time without any prepayment penalty being charged.
  • Simple interest is charged on the outstanding balance.

A Promissory Note is.....


USA Demand Promissory Note for Interest-Free Loan

Get this USA Demand Promissory Note signed by a borrower to whom you are making an interest-free loan.

  • You can use this form in any U.S. state.
  • This is the kind of Promissory Note in connection with any loan for which no interest is being charged.
  • No bonus or penalty will be charged if the borrower repays the loan early.

To download the Promissory Note form, add it to your cart and check out using your preferred method of payment.


USA Installment Note with Confession of Judgment

USA lenders, secure repayment of a loan with this Installment Promissory Note and Confession of Judgment form, which allows the borrower to repay the debt in regular installments.

  • In the event that the borrower defaults in payment, the borrower authorizes any attorney or official of the court to enter judgment by confession against the borrower.
  • The Note contains an acceleration clause, so that if the borrower defaults in a payment under the Note, the entire balance t.....

USA Installment Note with Prepayment Fee

This form of Installment Promissory Note provides for fixed non-variable payments and a prepayment fee if the loan is paid out early.

  • This legal form template can be used anywhere in the United States.
  • The Note is secured by collateral belonging to the borrower.
  • The borrower promises to repay the debt by a series of regular fixed installment payments.
  • If the borrower elects to pay the debt earlier than the due date, the lender will charge a prepayme.....

USA Mortgage Note

This Promissory Note form is for loans that are backed by a mortgage against the borrower's real property.

  • You can use the template in any U.S. state.
  • There is no prepayment penalty or premium if the borrower prepays the loan in whole or in part.
  • If the borrower defaults under the note or the mortgage, the borrower promises to pay interest at the highest rate allowed by law.
  • The borrower will pay any collection costs incurred by the lender, includi.....

USA Multistate Fixed Rate Note (Biweekly)

Prepare a Promissory Note for a mortgage loan to be paid in biweekly payments with this USA Multistate Fixed Rate Note template.

  • This form can be used in most U.S. states.
  • The borrower promises to pay the principal amount of the loan, plus interest and any late charges or loan fees that the lender is allowed to charge.
  • Loan payments will be made every two weeks and will be applied first to late charges (if any), then to accrued interest, and the remainder to.....

USA Plain Language Promissory Note

USA lenders, secure repayment of a loan with this Plain Language Promissory Note.

  • The Promissory Note form is drafted in language that is clear, concise, and easy for a borrower to understand.
  • The principal and interest are to be repaid by a series of equal monthly installment payments.
  • Any amount of principal and/or interest not paid on time bears late charges calculated as a percentage of the overdue payment amount.
  • The template is not State-spec.....

USA Promissory Note for Interest Only

Secure the repayment of a loan with this USA Promissory Note for Interest Only.

  • This form of Note allows the borrower to make payments against interest only, with no principal to be repaid until the date specified in the Note.
  • Interest payments are made in arrears, at regularly scheduled dates.
  • Principal may be repaid at any time without a penalty (fee) being charged.
This USA Promissory Note for Interest Only template is in MS Word format.....