Merge two related companies into a new corporate entity with these template Merger Forms for the United States.

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North Carolina Agreement and Plan of Merger

Merge a North Carolina company with a wholly owned subsidiary under the terms of this Agreement and Plan of Merger.

  • After the merger, the subsidiary will cease to exist and the company will continue in existence as the surviving corporation.
  • The shares of the subsidiary will be canceled and the shares of the Company will be converted into stock in the surviving corporation.
  • The company will not amend its articles or by-laws, reorganize its share capital,.....

USA Corporate Resolutions Approving Merger with Subsidiary

Prepare resolutions for a US corporation to authorize a merger with a subsidiary, with these template Corporate Resolutions Approving Merger with Subsidiary.

  • The package contains resolutions for both the directors and the shareholders.
  • The directors authorize the corporation to proceed with a merger with a wholly owned subsidiary. The corporation will be the surviving corporate entity.
  • The shareholders then hold a meeting to pass the resolutions necessary to.....

USA Minutes of Organizational Meeting of Corporation following Merger

Record the minutes of the organizational meeting of a new corporation formed by a corporate merger using this downloadable template.

The minutes of the meeting cover the business which would properly come before an organization meeting, such as:
  • electing directors and appointing officers,
  • adopting the corporation's by-laws,
  • issuing shares of stock.

These organizational minutes can be used for a post-merger meeting of shareholders and director.....