Are you buying or selling a business in the UK? Get the legal forms and contracts you need to seal the deal.

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  • These documents are governed by English law.
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UK Deed of Non-Competition

Are you planning to buy a company in the UK? Protect your interest in the business by having the vendor sign this Deed of Non-Competition.

  • The Non-Competition Agreement is pursuant to a Share Purchase and Sale Agreement between the purchaser and the vendor of the company.
  • On completion of the sale, the vendor will be hired or retained by the purchaser for a specified period of time to assist with the transfer of the business.
  • The vendor agrees not to be inv.....

UK Sale of Business Agreement

The sale of a business requires a lot of documentation. Sell your business as a going concern with this template Sale of Business Agreement for UK companies.

  • The assets being sold include the plant and machinery, business property, intellectual property, any software developed for the business, goodwill, information and records, and the benefit of all existing contracts.
  • The consideration paid for the business will be a specified sale price, together with the discha.....

UK Share Purchase Agreement

The sale of shares is one component of selling a business. Transfer all of the outstanding shares of a private limited company to another body corporate with this Share Purchase Agreement for UK companies.

  • All pre-emption rights over the shares will be waived.
  • The purchaser agrees to pay all reasonable costs and expenses related to the purchase of the shares, up to a specified amount. The vendor is responsible for paying all costs which exceed that maximum.
  • .....