Buy, sell, lease and charter vehicles to customers in Australia with these downloadable Vehicle Sales and Leasing Forms.

  • The lease contracts can be used for cars, trucks, 4x4s, SUVs and motorcycles.
  • Charter agreements for boats as well.
  • Save time and money with ready-made templates that are fully customisable to reflect your company's unique offers.
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Australia Bareboat Vessel Charter Agreement

Hire out a yacht, sailboat or pleasure craft in Australia with this Bareboat Vessel Charter Agreement.

  • The charterer will either skipper the vessel or will provide a skipper and crew. The skipper must be sufficiently experienced and competent to handle and operate the vessel.
  • The charterer must redeliver the vessel in the same condition as at the start of the charter, clean and fully provisioned and fueled.
  • The charter operator's liability is limited in acco.....

Australia Skippered Vessel Charter Agreement

Hire out a skippered yacht or boat to holidayers with this Australia Skippered Vessel Charter Agreement.

  • The charter operator will supply the services of the vessel master.
  • The master has sole authority to determine if the weather conditions are unsafe and to vary the course of the vessel due to weather, other vessel traffic or any other reason.
  • The master also has the authority to terminate the charter if the party does not abide by the operator's rules reg.....

Australia Vehicle Rental Contract

Hire out cars, trucks, motorbikes and off-road vehicles with this Vehicle Rental Contract for Australia.

  • The rental company makes full disclosure of the condition of the vehicle.
  • The hirer agrees to pay for all petrol and other fluids and for refilling the tank upon returning the vehicle.
  • GST is included in rental charges.
  • Driving licence and age requirements/
  • Insurance cover and liability reduction packages.
  • Requirements for p.....