Save time and money with these ready-to-use Construction Industry Forms for Canadian building contractors.

  • Customizable templates for general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and home owners in Canada.
  • Some of these legal forms are written for specific provinces in accordance with applicable provincial laws.
  • If you are looking for lien claims forms, check out Canada Lien Forms.
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British Columbia Contractor Agreement for Construction Project

BC homeowners, hire a contractor to do renovations on your property with this British Columbia Independent Contractor Agreement template.

  • The contractor will provide the necessary labour and materials to the job site.
  • The contractor agrees to pay a penalty for each day beyond the completion date that the work is not substantially completed.
  • The property owner will pay a bonus for each day ahead of schedule that the work is substantially completed.
  • $6.29

Canada Construction Contractor Agreement

Prepare a Construction Contractor Agreement for a residential construction project in Canada with this easy-to-use template.

  • The contract price for the construction will be paid in installment payments.
  • All labour, tools, equipment and materials required for the job will be provided by the contractor.
  • The property owner must arrange for water, sewer, electrical, natural gas, and other utility hook-ups required to complete the work.
  • The contractor i.....

Canada Construction Project Management Agreement

Hire a project manager for a large development project with this fixed price Construction Project Management Agreement for Canadian developments.

  • The project manager will manage and coordinate activities among the various contractors hired on the construction project.
  • The project manager will be responsible for obtaining bids and making recommendations with respect to hiring.
  • The manager will assist in obtaining the necessary permits for the development.

Canada Fixed Price Construction Contract with Warranty

Canadian contractors, use this template to prepare a Fixed Price Construction Contract with Warranty for Canada.

  • The contract includes a warranty by the contractor on materials and labour used in the construction.
  • The contractor is responsible for Workers Compensation, public liability and property damage insurance, and all perils insurance, and indemnifies the owner against claims arising as a result of the contractor's operations.
  • Changes to the work wh.....

Canada Waiver and Release of Homeowner by Contractor

If you hire a contractor to do work on your home, protect yourself against claims arising from injury or death with this Canada Waiver and Release of Homeowner by Contractor.

  • The Waiver and Release form should be signed before the contractor starts work on the construction or renovation project.
  • The contractor releases the property owner from any and all liability, and acknowledges the risks associated with the construction.
  • The contractor assumes all resp.....

Nova Scotia Building Agreement

Prepare a fixed price construction contract with this Nova Scotia Building Agreement template.

  • Payment of Contract Price. The owner pays a deposit upon signing the agreement, and the balance of the contract price will be paid in several draws advanced under a construction mortgage arranged by the owner.
  • HST. All Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) rebates shall be assigned to the builder.
  • New Home Warranty. The dwelling is to be covered by the Ne.....

Ontario Renovation Contract

Ontario contractors, write up a Renovation Contract for a home owner with this easy-to-use template form.

  • Materials. The contractor agrees to provide all required materials, labor, tools, equipment and supervision.
  • Contract Price. Payment of the contract price, less required holdback under the Ontario Construction Lien Act, will be made in several payments, with the balance due on completion.
  • Change Orders. A signed change order is requ.....