Buy and download these customizable contracts and forms for web developers, hosting services, ISPs and website owners based in China.

  • Website development in China has a different set of rules and challenges, but because of the Chinese people's increasing demand for online shopping and entertainment it can be a very rewarding career path.
  • These forms are all English language versions only. Chinese translations may be required in order to be legally valid.
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China Cooperation Agreement for Provision of Services via Website

Prepare a Cooperation Agreement for provision of services through a website with this English-language template for companies doing business in China.

  • The agreement is between two parties with respect to how certain services will be provided through a website owned by one party (Party A), using database software owned by the other party (Party B).
  • Party A will provide the services to Party B's customers, and Party B will pay service fees to Party A.
  • Party B.....

China Technical Services Agreement

Do you provide website services to customers in mainland China? Write your customer contracts with this Technical Services Agreement template.

  • The Agreement is between a company registered in China and a foreign company which will provide web development, design and maintenance, as well as ongoing programming, technical and consulting services.
  • The web developer will be paid an annual service fee, with installment payments to be made quarterly.
  • A minimum nu.....

China Web Hosting Service Agreement

Prepare a Web Hosting Service Agreement for an internet hosting facility located in China with this English-language template form.

  • The customer must provide proof that it has the required business license for its intended business purpose, and must make any required applications or filings required by the laws of the People's Republic of China.
  • The customer's server and other equipment must meet all required technical standards and must not affect the safety of the p.....