Write up your franchise agreements and related legal documents required by U.S. franchise laws with these customizable template forms.

  • All templates are MS Word documents that can be used over and over again.
  • Comprehensive forms written by franchise consultants.
  • Disclosure documents for franchisees.
  • Area development and management agreements.
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USA Business Agency Sales Agreement for Franchises

Do you market and sell franchises in the United States? Write up your customer contracts quickly and easily with this Business Agency Sales Agreement template.

  • The franchisor (customer) appoints the agent as its exclusive sales agent to develop, market and sell its franchises worldwide.
  • The agent will not represent any business which directly competes with that of the customer, however, the agent may develop, market and sell franchised units for companies that are no.....

USA Franchise Agreement for Pasta Restaurant

Get this model Franchise Agreement to sign up new franchisees for your pasta restaurant franchises.

  • The franchisee will find a location for the restaurant, but the location must be approved by the franchisor.
  • The franchisee will pay a weekly franchise fee to the franchisor.
  • The franchisor will offer a training program to the franchisee's employees prior to opening, and provide additional training at an additional cost to the franchisee.
  • The .....

USA Franchise Agreement for Sports Team

Use this customizable Franchise Agreement to sign up a franchisee for a sports team in the United States.

  • The franchisee agrees to use all marketing and promotional items required by the franchisor.
  • The franchisor shall provide initial training and additional assistance in setting up the sports team franchise.
  • The franchisee shall pay a continuing annual royalty fee to the franchisor, calculated as a percentage of gross revenues from the team.
  • $46.99

USA Franchise Agreement with Regional Subfranchisor

Set up a regional subfranchisor for your franchise system with this customizable Franchise Agreement template.

  • The Agreement grants a regional subfranchisor the right to recruit, screen and train new franchisees and assist them in opening their locations within the subfranchisor's assigned territory.
  • This Agreement can also be used for new franchisees, to open and operate a new franchise location.
  • Franchisees are required to pay the initial franchise fee, a .....

USA Franchise Area Development Agreement

Regional franchisors within the U.S. can sign up a new area developer in a designated territory with this customizable Franchise Area Development Agreement.

  • The area developer is an independent contractor, whose main responsibility is to establish franchises on behalf of the master franchisor within the assigned territory.
  • The regional franchisor grants the area developer a license to use the master franchisor's systems and marks within the development area for the p.....

USA Franchise Assignment Agreement

USA franchisees, assign your rights and obligations under a franchise agreement to a new franchisee with this Franchise Assignment Agreement.

  • The franchisor gives its written consent to the assignment, but this consent does not constitute a waiver of the requirement for written consent in any subsequent assignment.
  • The assignor and assignee jointly and severally agree to pay any outstanding amounts owing by the assignor to the franchisor.
  • If the assigno.....

USA Franchise Construction Administration Agreement

Oversee the construction and renovation of your franchisee's business premises with this USA Construction Administration Agreement for Franchise.

  • The franchisor will arrange for the design, layout and construction of the premises, including obtaining all necessary permits.
  • The franchisee will pay a development fee to the franchisor in return for its services.
  • The franchisee will reimburse the franchisor for all costs of the construction.
  • The.....

USA Franchise Disclosure Document

U.S. franchisors are required by FTC regulations to provide all franchisee applicants with this Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which discloses all relevant information about the franchisor and the franchise business, including:

  • the franchisor's corporate structure and history,
  • the business experience of the principals of the franchisor,
  • any current or potential litigation involving the franchisor,
  • initial franchise fees and other fees to be p.....

USA Franchise Disclosure Document for Regional Franchisors

FTC regulations require franchisors in the United States to provide all regional franchisor applicants with this Franchise Disclosure Document, so that the applicant can evaluate the business opportunity based on the following information:

  • the franchisor's corporate structure and history,
  • the business experience of the principals of the franchisor,
  • any current or potential litigation involving the franchisor,
  • regional franchise fees and other fees .....

USA Franchise Regional Team Manager Agreement

Appoint a regional team manager to provide support services to your franchisees with this USA Franchise Regional Team Manager Agreement.

  • The regional team manager is not hired as an employee. He/she must run a franchise in the designated territory for at least one month prior to being appointed as regional manager, and must continue to operate the franchise during the term of the agreement.
  • The regional manager is not on salary, but instead is paid a percentage roy.....