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    Transfer title to residential and commercial real estate properties with these easy downloadable Real Estate Deed Forms for Virginia.

    Virginia seller disclosure laws are not nearly as stringent as in many other states. Sellers are required to disclose very little, and buyers must accept the responsibility to check out the condition of the property themselves through a home inspection. New-built homes are exempt from State disclosure rules.

    The few disclosures that sellers are required to make include:

    • if the property is in “any locality in which a military air installation is located”,
    • if there is a defect in the drywall,
    • if the property was used as the site of a meth lab and has not been cleaned up according to state ,
    • if the property has a septic system in need of repair, but has not been repaired because the owner has obtained a waiver from the Board of Health.

    Sellers “may” disclose the fact their property is in “a designated tourism activity zone”. Sellers must comply with federal Title X disclosures regarding lead-based paint and hazards for homes built before 1978.

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