Prepare franchise agreements and related documents with these comprehensive template forms for the United Kingdom.

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UK Franchise Agreement

This model Franchise Agreement is a downloadable legal form for UK businesses who want to franchise their business system to franchisees.

  • On signing up, the franchisee must pay an initial franchise fee, a training fee, and an equipment fee. The franchisee must also pay an ongoing monthly franchise fee for every month during the term of the agreement.
  • The franchisor will supply the franchisee with a manual outlining the business method for operating the franchise, as w.....

UK Franchisee Evaluation and Application Form

UK franchisors, prepare a Franchisee Confidential Evaluation and Application Form for potential franchisees with this template form.

The application form gathers information about the applicant, which allows the franchisor to conduct:
  • an evaluation of the skills and expertise of the potential franchisee, based on employment background and management history;
  • a verification of the applicant's financial resources by performing credit checks and other searches, based .....