Downloadable web development contracts, agreements and forms for developers, web hosting service providers, and ISPs doing business in India. English language versions only.

In 2011 a number of global online companies, among them Google, Facebook, and Yahoo, had criminal and civil complaints filed against them in India for anti-religious and anti-social content on their websites. Critics say this illustrates how out-of-step the laws are with respect to the way information and materials are exchanged online. Concerns have also been raised about censorship and restriction of freedom of expression.

It is important for all Internet service providers operating in India to be aware of the potential for liability with respect to third party content. Under Indian laws, the directors are held liable for the actions of the company.

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India Internet Services Use Contract

Indian ISPs, post this Internet Services Use Contract on your website in a visible and accessible location, to set out the terms under which subscribers use your services.

  • Compliance with Laws. Users must comply with all local, national and international laws.
  • Prohibited Use. Users are prohibited from spamming, flaming, or posting or transmitting any material that is obscene, indecent, threatening or harmful in any way.
  • Indemnification.

India Website Development and Design Agreement

Prepare a development contract for a customer with this template Website Development and Design Agreement for companies based in India.

  • The client retains the developer to design and develop a website, and provide other services (such as hosting, optimizing, marketing, etc.). Development guidelines will be developed jointly by the parties.
  • Payment will be made in several installments, as various phases are completed. The developer will retain ownership of the websi.....