Create an incentive plan for your company's employees, directors, and consultants with these template Stock and Incentive Plan Forms.

  • The templates are intended for use by companies incorporated in the United States.
  • These forms are not State-specific. Check your State laws to make sure there are no additional provisions required by legislation.
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USA Deferred Compensation Plan for Outside Directors

Set up a Deferred Compensation Plan for outside directors with this downloadable template for USA companies.

  • The plan is only for directors who are not employees of the company or any of its subsidiaries.
  • The Plan allows the non-employee directors to defer receipt of all compensation which would otherwise be paid to them for acting as a director, for income tax purposes.
  • A participant in the Plan can elect to have the deferred compensation invested in sha.....

USA Employee Bonus Plan

Reward your employees for their contributions to your company's success with this Employee Bonus Plan for U.S. businesses.

  • All full-time and part-time staff who are not enrolled in any other type of incentive plan with the company are eligible to take part.
  • The committee administering the plan will have full authority to set the performance criteria upon which bonuses are determined, and the bonus amounts to be paid out.
  • The members of the committee, board o.....

USA Employee Stock Purchase Plan (payroll deduction based)

Give employees a chance to participate in the company under this payroll-deduction based Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

  • Employees are given the opportunity to acquire a proprietary interest in the company by purchasing shares through automatic payroll deductions.
  • The employee may reduce or increase the amount of payroll deduction at certain times.
  • The employee will be granted a separate purchase right for each offering period, which will be automatically ex.....

USA Equity Based Long Term Incentive Plan

Set up an Equity-Based Long Term Incentive Plan in your company with this downloadable template for U.S. companies.

  • The Plan was created pursuant to United States securities legislation.
  • The Plan allows a company's key employees and officers to participate in the company as stockholders.
  • A good incentive plan like this one improves the company's ability to attract and retain top-notch dedicated key employees.
  • Awards under the Plan might take the fo.....

USA Non-Plan Stock Option Agreement

Set up a Non-Plan Stock Option Agreement for a U.S. company under the terms of this downloadable template.

  • The Option Agreement provides a means for a qualified employee to purchase stock which is not subject to a stock option plan.
  • The option may not be transferred.
  • There may be tax liability upon the exercise of the Option.
  • To exercise the option, the employee must give the company a signed option notice, together with payment for the shares. .....

USA Non-Qualified Stock Option and Stock Appreciation Rights Plan

Establish a stock incentive plan for your officers and key employees with this Non-Qualified Stock Option and Stock Appreciation Rights Plan.

  • The Plan is intended to enable officers and employees to acquire an interest in the company, and to provide incentives and encourage loyalty.
  • Executive, administrative, professional and technical personnel are eligible to receive options or stock appreciation rights for common shares under the Plan.
  • The Board of D.....

USA Restricted Stock Award Plan

With this easy template, you can set up a Restricted Stock Award Plan for your company, under current United States securities legislation.

  • Under this type of Plan, a company can provide incentives to its key personnel through awards of restricted shares of common stock.
  • The company will reimburse the employee for any amounts he/she has to pay as a consequence of any such award (such as income tax).
  • Stock subject to an award is forfeited if the partici.....

USA Retirement Plan for Outside Directors

Set up a retirement plan for outside directors of a U.S. company with this downloadable and customizable template.

  • The Plan provides the directors with retirement income through the redemption of a retiring Director's stock holdings.
  • Outside Directors are compensated based on the performance of the company's Common Stock.
  • Accrued income is payable when a director reaches a specified age.
  • Performance Periods start on the first day of each fiscal y.....

USA Stock Appreciation Rights Agreement

Grant Stock Appreciation Rights to key personnel in your company under the terms of this template Agreement.

  • The Agreement is between the company and one of its key personnel, pursuant to a Stock Appreciation Rights (SAR) Plan.
  • The employee is being granted a number of SARs with respect to common shares issued to the employee as compensation for performance.
  • Upon being exercised, the SARs will give the employee the right to receive a cash payment of the di.....

USA Stock Appreciation Rights Plan for Employees and Officers

Set up a phantom stock program for employees and officers of a U.S. company under this Stock Appreciation Rights (SAR) Plan.

  • SAR Rights will be awarded as a reward for significant contributions, and as a means of attracting and retaining quality personnel.
  • The Plan includes provisions for exercise of Rights within a specified time following termination of employment, retirement, death or disability of a participant.
  • If the share capital is subdivided or .....