Download the forms you need to secure a mortgage on real property with these template legal forms for the State of Hawaii.

  • The Hawaii Division of Financial Institutions regulates and oversees all financial institutions in the State, including mortgage brokers.
  • Brokers are not required to meet any specific education or experience criteria, but they must post a continuous surety bond and maintain a principal place of business within the State.
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Hawaii Agreement of Sale

A Hawaii Agreement of Sale works much like a mortgage, but instead of lending the purchaser the money to buy the property, the seller carries the balance of the purchase price and lets the purchaser pay it off over time.

  • The buyer pays a downpayment at the time the Agreement is signed. The buyer then makes monthly payments towards the balance, with a balloon payment of the entire amount outstanding at the end of the payment term.
  • The buyer can prepay all or part of th.....

Hawaii Fixed Rate Mortgage

Place a mortgage on a residential property with this Hawaii Fixed Rate Mortgage form.

  • The mortgage form contains both uniform covenants required by federal laws, and non-uniform covenants which are specifically required by Hawaiian laws.
  • The mortgage is being granted to the lender as additional security for a mortgage loan, plus interest and applicable charges.
  • This mortgage form is a downloadable and fully editable template.

The Hawaii Fixed .....