Marriage and Family Law

Draw up prenuptial, custody, maintenance agreements, separation, cohabitation and matrimonial property agreements with these Marital and Family Law Forms.


Q. What does the term family law cover?

A. Family law is the branch of law that deals with domestic and family matters such as:

  • matrimony, civil unions (domestic partnerships),
  • divorce, separation, support and maintenance,
  • custody and visitation,
  • spousal and child abuse,
  • adoption and foster care,
  • guardianship,
  • paternity.

Q. What is a cohabitation agreement?

A. A cohabitation agreement is a legal document entered into by two unmarried partners who plan to live together in a spousal relationship. The purpose of a cohabitation agreement is much like that of a prenuptial agreement - the partners agree on who owns what going into the relationship, and who will own what if the relationship ends. It also sets out the party's rights and obligations with respect to jointly owned property, child support and maintenance, debt repayment and other issues.


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