Intellectual Property Forms

Your intellectual property is a valuable asset. Protect it with these customizable forms for copyright, trade mark and patent rights.

The World Intellectual Property Organization defines intellectual property (IP) as "creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce." So IP can be a song or a novel or a film, a technological invention, a design, logo or brand, a piece of software, or some other intellectual creation.

  • Copyright is the right to make copies of, to license and to exploit a literary, artistic or musical work. These rights belong to the creator unless and until assigned to another party, and extend for the life of the creator and for a period of 50 years thereafter.
  • Trademark or trade mark is a unique symbol, sign or phrase registered by a party to identify a product, service, or a range of products and services.
  • Patent is a set of rights granted by a government authority to the inventor or owner of a new technology or a new application of existing technology, which excludes others from manufacturing or using the patented technology. Patents expire after a specified period of years, depending on the country they were obtained in.

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Acknowledgement of Joint Ownership of Intellectual Property

Protect your company's rights in technology developed by an employee with this Acknowledgement of Joint Ownership of Intellectual Property.

  • If your employees are actively involved in the development and creation of intellectual property as a function of their job, you need to get them to sign an Acknowledgement of Joint Ownership form.
  • The employee acknowledges that certain materials developed during the course of his or her employment are jointly owned by the employe.....

Agreement to Transfer Research Materials

Set out the conditions under which materials will be released from a medical or scientific facility to a researcher with this Agreement to Transfer Research Materials.

  • Ownership of the research materials and related documentation remains with the facility.
  • The researcher will use the materials for research purposes only.
  • The researcher will keep all information strictly confidential for a specified number of years.
  • If the research results in an inv.....

Canada Assignment of Copyright and Waiver of Moral Rights

Canadian publishers, use this downloadable template to prepare an Assignment of Copyright and Waiver of Moral Rights for an author.

  • The author of a work assigns his/her right and title to copyright in the work to a third party, and waives his/her moral rights in the work, pursuant to the Canada Copyright Act.
  • An author's moral rights consist of the right to be identified as the creator of a work and the right to object to derogatory treatment of a work which th.....

Canada Cease and Desist Letter for Copyright Infringement

Issue a Cease and Desist Letter for Copyright Infringement with this template for copyrights registered in Canada.

The Cease and Desist Letter can be prepared and sent to the infringing party by either yourself as the owner of the copyright, or by your lawyer. It contains the following:
  • details of the owner's copyright in the work (written, music, art, video, etc),
  • details of the infringing use of the work,
  • a demand to cease and desist from any further .....

Canada Checklist for Trade Mark Application

Track all the steps you have taken in submitting a trade mark application to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office with this easy-to-use Checklist for Trade Mark Application.

The checklist lets you record:
  • document filings,
  • correspondence and
  • other steps taken during the application to the Trade Mark division, and
  • includes steps for follow-up after the trade mark has been registered.
This free downloadable Canada Checklist f.....

Canada Product Licence Agreement

License the rights to assemble, sell and distribute your products across Canada under this Product Licence Agreement.

  • The parties to the Agreement are (i) the owner ⁄ inventor of the products and (ii) a distributor.
  • The licence extends to all subsequent modifications and improvements of the products.
  • The distributor will pay a fixed license fee and a continuing royalty calculated as a percentage of the gross sales price.
  • The distributor has .....

Canada Royalty Agreement for Intellectual Property

When transferring intellectual property as part of the sale of a business, you can set out how royalties will be paid with this Royalty Agreement template for Canadian businesses.

  • The intellectual property was developed by the seller and is being transferred to the purchaser as part of the transfer of business assets. The intellectual property will continue to be used by the purchaser in the operation of the business.
  • The purchaser agrees to pay the seller an ongoing .....

Canada Statement of Opposition to Registration of Trade Mark

Register your opposition to a trade mark application in Canada by filing this Statement of Opposition form with the Trade Marks division of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).

A Statement of Opposition would typically be filed by the owner of an existing trade mark who has reason to believe that the proposed trade mark will be similar to their own, or would be confusing in the mind of the public.

The free Canada Statement of Opposition to Registrati.....

Canada Statutory Declaration re Use of Trade Mark

Download this free Statutory Declaration re Use of Trade Mark Following Application Based on Proposed Use.

This form must be completed as part of a trade mark application in Canada, and must be filed with the Trade Mark division of the Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).

The Canada Statutory Declaration re Use of Trade Mark form is a free download in MS Word format.

Canada Trade Mark Application

Apply to register a trade mark in Canada with this free application form.

  • This form must be completed and filed with the Trade Mark Division of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).
  • The application is a free MS Word form which you can download, fill in and use again and again.

Canada Trade Mark Application form, provided by CIPO.