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    Secrecy Agreement for Evaluating Invention


    Get this Secrecy Agreement signed before you submit an invention or innovation for evaluation.

    • The purpose of the Secrecy Agreement is to protect the owner of proprietary information (such as an invention, innovation, new method or process) when they are submitting the information for evaluation to determine its usefulness and marketability.
    • Often this evaluation is done by a party interested in investing and/or marketing the innovation.
    • The interested party will have no rights to the information or any ideas or improvements arising from the information, all of which remains the sole property of the owner.
    • The interested party will not disclose or use any of the information except with the consent of the owner or as required by law.
    • If the interested party breaches the agreement, it will pay damages and costs to the owner.

    Ideas are valuable - that's why they get stolen. Don't let that happen to you. Buy and download the Secrecy Agreement template and protect your legal rights.

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    Last Updated: 28-December-2021
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