Prepare professional commercial leasing documents for California business premises with these customizable leases, notices and other forms for landlords, property managers, and business tenants.

Commercial tenants do not have the same protections under California law that residential tenants have. Since there are no laws governing commercial leases, the terms of the lease itself are what govern the tenancy and the relationship between the lessee and lessor.

However, there are certain sections of the Civil Code which can be applied to business leases. For instance, the landlord cannot unreasonably withhold approval for the tenant to sublet the premises. The landlord also cannot require payment of 'key money' as a condition of entering into a lease with a tenant.

Section 1954.25 of the Civil Code prohibits commercial rent control, on the basis that it discourages a competitive environment for business.

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California Assignment of Lease by Landlord

Assign your interest as lessor in an existing business lease to a new owner with this Assignment of Lease form for California.

  • The Assignment must be signed by the seller (current landlord), the purchaser (new landlord), and the tenant.
  • The tenant covenants to pay rent to the new landlord and continue to perform the tenant's obligations under the lease.
  • The seller and purchaser agree to indemnify each other against any claims or actions arising out of any br.....

California Commercial Lease Agreement

Lease office or retail space to a business tenant with this California Commercial Lease Agreement template.

  • The tenant has an option to renew the lease at the end of the term.
  • Optional clauses for payment of the property taxes by either the landlord or the tenant, as agreed to between the parties.
  • The tenant is responsible for carrying comprehensive public liability, fire and extended coverage insurance.
  • Optional clauses included if (i) the .....

California Commercial Triple Net Lease Agreement

Lease office, retail or other business premises to a tenant with this California Commercial Triple Net Lease Agreement.

  • Triple Net Lease. A triple net lease means that the lessee covers all costs and expenses to do with the premises including structural repairs.
  • Renewal. The lessee has an option to renew the lease for an additional term.
  • Taxes and Charges. The lessee will pay all expenses, taxes, levies, and charges with respect to the p.....

California Guarantee of Commercial Lease

Secure the obligations of a corporate lessee (tenant) with this California Guarantee of Commercial Lease.

  • The Guarantee is absolute, unconditional and continuing.
  • The Guarantee is given by a principal of the lessee, such as a shareholder, partner, sole proprietor or some other person with a financial interest in the tenant's business.
  • The guarantee is intended to be an inducement to the lessor (landlord) to sign the lease.
  • The guarantor guarantees.....

California Lease Proposal for a Commercial Premises

Write up an offer to lease commercial business space with this California Lease Proposal for Commercial Premises.

The Lease Proposal form contains relevant information and items to be negotiated by the parties, including:
  • corporate history and credit references for the prospective tenant,
  • details of the lease,
  • scope and extent of tenant improvements required to convert the space for the tenant's use,
  • tenant's undertakings and representations.
  • .....

California Mutual Cancellation of Commercial Lease

Cancel an existing lease on business space with this California Mutual Cancellation of Commercial Lease template.

  • This agreement is for commercial tenants only. A different form is required for residential rental properties.
  • Both the lessor and lessee mutually agree to terminate the lease as of a specific date.
  • The cancellation of the lease extinguishes all the rights and obligations of the parties un.....

California Renewal and Extension of Commercial Lease

Renew and extend a business tenant's lease with this template California Renewal and Extension of Commercial Lease form.

  • The lease is renewed for an additional period (which can be a full lease term or whatever period of time the landlord and tenant agree to).
  • The tenant has no further right to extend or renew the lease.
  • The rental payments for the new term are agreed to.
  • The remaining terms and provisions of the original lease remain in full fo.....

California Sublease Agreement (Commercial)

Sublet all or part of your business space to a subtenant with this California Commercial Sublease Agreement.

  • The Sublease template can be used for office, retail, warehouse or other business premises.
  • The subtenant pays a security deposit and the monthly rent to the principal tenant, who in turn pays the landlord.
  • The principal tenant must still perform its obligations under the head lease.
  • The principal tenant assigns its interest in the subl.....