Prepare the paperwork to back a mortgage loan with these fully editable Indiana Mortgage Forms.

  • Mortgage brokers and lenders must be licensed under the National Mortgage Licensing System to operate in the State of Indiana.
  • The State Attorney General's Office is dedicated to protecting citizens from mortgage fraud and predatory lending practices and created the Homeowner Protection Unit especially to address the growing problem of mortgage fraud.
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Indiana Contract for Deed

When traditional mortgage sources tighten their requirements, some buyers no longer qualify. That's when a vendor assisted solution like this Indiana Contract for Deed is a good alternative.

  • A contract for deed can also be used to provide bridge financing.
  • The seller essentially takes the role of the mortgage lender and carries the balance of the purchase money.
  • The buyer can pay off the balance by (i) monthly payments with interest until all of it is paid, .....

Indiana Fixed Rate Mortgage

This downloadable Fixed Rate Mortgage template for Indiana makes it easy for mortgage lenders to prepare loan documentation for home loans.

Besides the standard provisions and covenants required by federal lending laws, the template includes additional provisions in accordance with Indiana Laws:
  • Default, acceleration, and foreclosure.
  • Release of the mortgage once the loan, interest and charges have been paid in full.
  • Waiver of valuation and appraisement.