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    Bill of Sale Forms

    Sell a car or truck, boat or motor, furniture, equipment, trade goods and other personal property with our easy-to-use Bill of Sale Forms.

    • If you are selling, you want the purchaser to sign off on the terms of the sale.
    • If you are buying, you want your bill of sale as proof that you have paid for the item.
    • A bill of sale for a vehicle, boat or motor is required in order to transfer the registration into the name of the new owner. 

    Q. What exactly is a Bill of Sale?

    A. A Bill of Sale is basically a receipt. It states that the buyer bought the goods from the seller, on the date given, and for the amount or other consideration described. But a Bill of Sale is NOT a title deed. So buyers, if you're buying a mobile home or other item that requires recordation of the title deed in order to register ownership with local authorities, be sure you get that proof of ownership from the seller at the time of purchase.

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