Secure a loan with a mortgage against real property with these downloadable Mortgage Forms for Arkansas.

The Arkansas Securities Department licenses mortgage brokers, lenders and servicers through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. They also handle complaints from consumers with respect to mortgage loans.

Arkansas law does not impose an upward limit on mortgage interest rates. The Securities Department will not regulate the interest rate unless a court deems it to be usurious or the rate appears to be in violation of federal or state law.

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Arkansas Contract for Deed

A Contract for Deed is also known as a land contract or installment sale agreement, because the seller allows the buyer to pay part of the purchase price in installment payments over time.

  • The seller retains title to the property until the outstanding balance has been paid by the buyer.
  • The template provides for several different methods of payment. Typically payments would be made monthly, with a balloon payment for the remaining balance at the end.

Arkansas Fixed Rate Mortgage

Secure a loan for a residential property with this Arkansas Fixed Rate Mortgage.

  • The mortgage template contains both uniform (multistate) covenants and non-uniform covenants specifically for the State of Arkansas.
  • The mortgage is given as additional security for a loan under a promissory note signed by the borrower.
  • The debt secured by the mortgage includes interest and any additional prepayment or late payment charges payable by the borrower.
  • This.....