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    Escrow Agreements

    Deposit purchase monies, software, securities and other assets into an escrow with these downloadable and customizable template Escrow Agreements.

    What does escrow mean?

    Escrow is an arrangement between two parties to a transaction and a third independent party who agrees to hold money or assets until a specific date, or until certain obligations have been met, or until the transaction is completed.

    In the US, the most common use of escrow is in real estate transactions, where a mortgage lender will set up an escrow account into which the borrower pays sufficient funds to pay the property taxes and insurance premiums as they come due.

    A form of escrow that is common in many countries is the payment of a deposit by a tenant to a landlord at the beginning of the tenancy, as security for unpaid rent or damage. The deposit is paid back at the end of the rental (minus any deductions).

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