Recruit, hire and terminate employees for Canadian businesses with these downloadable Canada Employment Forms.

Canadian law requires hiring practices to be fair and non-discriminatory. The Employment Equity Act requires employers to remove any barriers that would disadvantage women, disabled persons, Aboriginal peoples, and visible minorities from gaining employment. An example of this would be to ensure that the building in which the person would be employed has wheelchair access. All job candidates for the same position should be asked the same questions.

This is a federal act, but each province has its own labour laws as well. Each jurisdiction has an administrative authority which handles complaints of discriminatory hiring practices based on age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, race, creed, colour, religion, ethnic origin, citizenship, marital status, or record of offences.

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Contract Offer to Hire Sales Representative as Employee (Canada)

Make an offer to hire a sales representative as a full-time or part-time employee with this Contract Offer template for Canadian businesses.

The Offer sets out the conditions of employment for the sales agent, including:

  • the territory the sales representative will cover,
  • terms of sale,
  • sales targets to be met,
  • commission rate, draws, and base salary,
  • expenses and car allowance,
  • benefits program,
  • vacation.....

Domestic Employment Referral Contract (Canada)

This template Domestic Employment Referral Contract can be used by Canadian placement agencies to sign up job seekers.

  • The agency is not employing the applicant with this contract, but is instead acting as a referral agent to connect a candidate with suitable job openings.
  • The applicant agrees to inform the agency of any job offers or placements that arise from the relationship.
  • The agency will use best efforts to find suitable positions, but is not o.....
$12.49 $9.99

Employee Nondisclosure Agreement (Canada)

Your company's confidential information is worth protecting. This Employee Nondisclosure Agreement for Canadian businesses is intended to do just that.

  • Under the terms of the Agreement, the employee is legally bound not to disclose any confidential information, proprietary data or trade secrets.
  • The provisions of the Agreement survive the termination of employment, so if an ex-employee decides to use his/her knowledge of your customers, data and processes for person.....

Employee Termination Letter for Cause (Canada)

Terminate an employee with this template Termination for Cause letter for Canadian employers.

  • The Termination Letter states the reason(s) that the employee is being terminated.
  • There are several severance options listed in the template which the employee can choose between:
    • continuation of employee benefits for a specified period of time,
    • paid relocation counseling,
    • a lump sum payout or continuation of severance pay for a fixed number .....

Employment Agreement (Canada)

Canadian employers, write an Employment Agreement for a new employee with this easy-to-use template, which includes the following provisions:

  • Duties, responsibilities and job description of the position being filled by the employee;
  • Starting salary, and any other compensation being paid;
  • Benefits and expense accounts;
  • Assessment or probationary period to be completed by the employee;
  • Procedure for termination of the employee with cause......

Ontario Directors Resolution for Management Bonuses

Authorize the payment of management bonuses with this Directors Resolution template for an Ontario business corporation.

  • The directors of the corporation resolve to issue management bonuses to specified persons in order to reduce the corporation's taxable income to bring it within the 'small business limit'.
  • This is a reusable corporate form. Buy it, download it, and then use it as often as you require.
  • This Ontario Directors Resolution for Managem.....

Ontario Employment Agreement for CEO Position

Hire someone to act as Chief Executive Officer of an Ontario business with this Employment Agreement for CEO Position.

  • Term. The employment will be for a fixed term with a renewal option.
  • Expectations. The employee will bring leadership, marketing and management skills, business experience and a high level of integrity and professionalism to the position.
  • $29.99

Ontario Management Agreement and Option to Purchase

Hire a manager to provide professional business management services with this Management Agreement template for the Province of Ontario.

  • The manager is being retained to operate the business on an exclusive basis to the company, which means the company will not hire any other person or firm to provide this service. However, the manager is not excluded from providing business management services to other clients during the term of the contract.
  • The manager will be pa.....