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Q. Should I require all of my employees to sign a written employment agreement?

A. A written employment agreement sets out clearly what the relationship is between the parties, what is expected of the employee, what the employer's obligations are, and what the consequences will be if the employee fails to perform his or her job duties. It is always a good idea to have a written agreement, and in some countries, such as New Zealand, it is required by law.

Q. If I hire independent contractors instead of employees, will it significantly reduce my payroll deductions and benefits costs?

A. There are some economic advantages in hiring independent contractors. Your employer payroll deductions will decrease, and you'll save on employee benefits. But there are also some disadvantages. It's a lot easier to garner a sense of loyalty and commitment with permanent employees than with independent contractors. There is also better continuity in work flow if the same people are working on the same tasks regularly.

There are also stringent legal requirements covering the determination of whether a person's role is actually that of an independent contractor or an employee. Any mis-classification could mean that the employer is on the hook for taxes, payroll deductions, interest and additional penalties.

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Australia Employee Nondisclosure Agreement

Did you know that most disclosures of company data are made by employees, past and present? It just makes sense to have your staff sign this Employee Nondisclosure Agreement for Australian employers.

  • New employees should sign it before they begin work. You should also have a signed copy on file for each current employee.
  • The employee agrees not to disclose any confidential information or trade secrets belonging to the employer, during or after the period of employme.....

Australia Employment Agreement

Australia employers, hire your new employees with this Employment Agreement template.

  • This form contains provisions for both an ongoing employment and for a fixed term, for instance if the employee is being hired for 1 or 2 years, in which case there is an option to renew the contract.
  • The Agreement makes provision for bonuses and allowances to be paid to the employee.
  • The employee must be paid overtime at 1 times the normal rate for hours worked in excess.....

Australia Employment Agreement for Executive Position

Hire a candidate to fill a management position within an Australian company with this standard form Employment Agreement for executives.

  • The employee agrees not to take on any other employment, serve on the board of directors of any other company, or engage in any competing business activities.
  • In addition to a base salary, the employee will be paid a performance bonus and an annual bonus if the company's sales reach certain targets.
  • The executive is elig.....

Australia Workplace Agreement

Prepare a Workplace Agreement for a new or existing employee with this comprehensive template for employers in Australia.

  • The AWA is not an employment contract at common law.
  • Both parties must comply with occupational health and safety laws, as well as industry codes of practice.
  • The employee's engagement is subject to a 3-month probation period.
  • Provisions for overtime, Sunday work, and shift work.
  • The employee is entitled to meal breaks.....

Authorization to Release Employment Information

Give your consent for your employer to release job information about you to a third party with this Authorization to Release Employment Information form.

The form authorizes your employer to release such information as:
  • your salary,
  • position and hours of work,
  • performance,
  • illness reports,
and other details of your employment, to third parties (for instance, a mortgage lender, landlord, or other party who is entitled to receive the inf.....

Business Protection Agreement for Departing Employee

Employers, ensure that each departing employee signs this Business Protection Agreement upon their termination or resignation.

The Agreement includes the following clauses:
  • Confidentiality provision - the employee agrees not to disclose any of the employer's confidential business information,
  • Non-competition provision - the employee will not engage in a business that competes with the employer's business for a specified period of time following their termination, <.....

California Employee Separation Agreement and General Release

California employers, write up a letter of termination with this template Employee Separation Agreement and General Release.

  • The General Release is to be signed by the employee prior to receiving the final paycheck.
  • The employee is entitled to COBRA and 401K benefits.
  • The employee agrees not to disclose the terms of his/her termination settlement.
  • The Agreement contains provisions of the federal Older Workers Benefit Protection Act.
The .....

Canada Contract Offer to Hire Sales Representative as Employee

Make an offer to hire a sales representative as a full-time or part-time employee with this Contract Offer template for Canadian businesses.

The Offer sets out:
  • the territory the sales representative will cover,
  • terms of sale,
  • sales targets to be met,
  • commission rate, draws, and base salary,
  • expenses and car allowance,
  • benefits program,
  • vacation,
  • probation period,
  • termination,
  • conf.....

Canada Domestic Employment Referral Contract

Does your agency find placements for domestic employees? Sign up interested candidates with this template Domestic Employment Referral Contract for use in Canada.

  • The agency is not employing the applicant. It is only acting as a referral agent.
  • The applicant agrees to inform the agency of any job offers or placements arising from the applicant's job search.
  • The agency will use best efforts to find suitable positions, but is not obligated to find a position f.....

Canada Employee Nondisclosure Agreement

Your company's confidential information is worth protecting. That's why all of your employees should be required to sign this Employee Nondisclosure Agreement for Canada.

  • Under the terms of the Agreement, the employee is legally bound not to disclose any confidential information, proprietary data or trade secrets.
  • The provisions of the Agreement survive the termination of employment, so if an ex-employee decides to use his/her knowledge of your customers, data and pro.....