Music Publishing Forms

Music publishers can save money by writing your own contracts using these template Music Publishing Forms.

  • Download customizable forms for the United States and Canada.
  • License agreements, copyright assignments, royalty agreements, and foreign agency contracts.
  • These templates were written by lawyers with experience in music industry practices.
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Assignment (Reversion) of Copyright to Songwriter

Assign copyright of a musical composition back to the songwriter under a reversion clause with this Assignment of Copyright form.

  • Some songwriter contracts contain a reversion provision, which gives the songwriter the right to repurchase copyright to one or more songs or compositions for a specified sum after a certain length of time or on certain conditions.
  • If that happens, the music publisher must reassign the copyright back to the songwriter.
  • This is a d.....

Assignment of Copyright between Music Publishers

Assign copyright in a musical composition from one publisher to another with this template Assignment of Copyright form.

  • The assignment is made at the request of, and with the consent of, the original songwriter.
  • This is a generic assignment form which can be used in any country that does not have a statutory form.

Every music publisher needs a full set of assignment forms. Add the Assignment of Copyright between Music Publishers to your suite of music .....


Canada Assignment of Copyright in Musical Composition

Canadian music publishers, obtain copyright in a composition written on a for-hire basis with this Assignment of Copyright form.

  • The composer assigns worldwide copyright in the work over to the publisher.
  • The assignment form contains a waiver of moral rights clause, which can be deleted if not applicable.
  • The songwriter is still entitled to performance royalties as a member of any performing rights society.

Every music publisher in .....


Merchandise Licensing Agreement for Music Distribution

Sign up distributors to manufacture, market and distribute music products in assigned territories with this Exclusive Merchandise Licensing Agreement.

  • The music publisher (licensor) is responsible for payment of royalties to all musical talent and copyright holders whose works will be distributed under the Agreement.
  • The publisher will provide the recording masters, advertising and promotional materials, release sheets, etc.
  • The distributor will pay roya.....

Music Co-Publishing Agreement

If you publish music jointly with another publisher, you need this standard form Co-Publishing Agreement for Musical Composition.

  • Each of the co-publishers will own a half interest in ownership of the copyright.
  • Each co-publisher will receive an equal share of the publishing receipts.
  • The parties jointly assign public performance rights to BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) and will share equally in the licensing fees.

Get it in writing with thi.....


Music Publishing Agreement

Obtain publishing rights for an original piece of music with this easy-to-use Music Publishing Agreement template for the USA and Canada.

  • Transfer of Rights. A composer sells and transfers all of its right and title to an original musical composition (including copyright) to the music publisher, in return for a percentage royalty on the sales of printed sheet music and recordings, licensing fees and performance royalties.
  • Changes and Derivations. The pub.....

Music Publishing Foreign Agency Agreement

Music publishers, appoint agents in foreign markets with this Music Publishing Foreign Agency Agreement.

  • The foreign agent agrees to act as the publisher's representative in foreign markets, to promote and market music (or musical recordings), negotiate deals and grant sub-publishing rights to third parties within such foreign markets.
  • The agent will be paid a commission based on a percentage of sales and licensing fees received by the publisher.
  • This is a g.....

Music Sub-Publishing Agreement

Appoint sub-publishers who will distribute, market and sell music in a defined territory for a publisher with this Music Sub-Publishing Agreement template.

  • The sub-publisher will have certain synchronization, mechanical and performance rights to the music only inside of the territory, for instance, synchronization rights for motion pictures made within the territory.
  • The music publisher reserves all rights in the music and all copyright for all areas outside of the.....

Royalty Sharing Agreement for Musical Composition

Share royalties from sales of music with this Royalty Sharing Agreement which can be used in the United States and Canada.

  • The parties to the Agreement both have rights to the music, such as the composer and the publisher.
  • The parties are entitled to be reimbursed for expenses incurred with respect to the composition.
  • The music publisher will hold the copyright and will pay the other party the royalties due, less the publisher's costs and expenses.
  • .....

USA Assignment of Copyright in Musical Composition

In order to publish music throughout the world, a music publisher requires the composer or songwriter to assign the copyright for the musical composition over to the publisher. This Assignment of Copyright form is for copyrights registered in the United States.

  • All of the writer's rights in the work are assigned to the publisher, together with all copyright and renewals.
  • The form contains a statement that the composition is a work made for hire under the U.S. Copyrigh.....