Prepare the paperwork for a mortgage loan with these fully editable Mortgage Forms for Colorado.

The Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Real Estate licenses and regulates mortgage loan originators through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry. All mortgage loan originators must complete a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education each year.

Mortgage loans are secured by way of a deed of trust, which transfers legal title to the property to the lender for the duration of the term of the loan. Title is conveyed back to the borrower when the mortgage loan has been paid in full. The power of sale clause in the trust deed permits the lender to sell the property in the event of default.

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Colorado Contract for Deed

If you have a buyer for your home who can't qualify for a mortgage, you can carry all or part of the purchase price under this Contract for Deed.

  • This legal template is governed by Colorado laws.
  • A Contract for Deed is also referred to as a purchase money mortgage, owner financed mortgage, land contract, and installment agreement.
  • The buyer has possession of the property as long as he/she is not in default.
  • The seller can still sell or mortgage the.....

Colorado Deed of Trust

In Colorado, home loans are secured by a Deed of Trust instead of a mortgage.

  • A third party trustee must be named to hold title to the property until the loan, interest and any related charges are paid in full. Colorado law requires this to be a public trustee.
  • If the borrower breaches the provisions of the Deed of Trust, the home will be foreclosed.
  • The form contains all the necessary standard uniform and non-uniform covenants and provisions required by Sta.....

Colorado Mortgage Promissory Note

This Colorado Mortgage Promissory Note is part of the required documentation for every home loan.

  • Payments. The mortgagor will make regular payments of principal and interest until the balance is paid in full.
  • Interest is a fixed rate.
  • Acceleration. The balance owing becomes due and payable immediately if the borrower defaults in making any payment.
  • Late payments result in late charges being assessed, which are calcul.....