Appoint someone you trust to act for you when you are unable to with one of these fully editable Quebec Power of Attorney Forms. French and English forms available.

In the Province of Quebec, a power of attorney is also called a mandate. A general power of attorney gives your attorney the authority to do such things as pay your bills, sign documents, and manage your financial affairs.

A personal mandate names someone you trust to make medical decisions for you if you become incapacitated, and only becomes effective if a court determines your incapacity.

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Quebec General Power of Attorney (English version)

Appoint an agent (attorney) to manage all of your business and financial affairs on your behalf with this General Power of Attorney for the Province of Quebec (English-language version).

In Quebec, a Power of Attorney is also called a Mandate. This 10-page Power of Attorney form gives your attorney broad powers to deal with many matters on your behalf, including:
  • banking and investments,
  • tax and insurance matters,
  • payment and collection of debts,

Quebec General Power of Attorney (French version)

Nommez un agent (mandataire) pour contrôler toutes vos affaires et affaires financières en votre nom avec cette procuration générale pour la province du Québec.

Au Québec, une procuration s'appelle également un mandat. Ceci la procuration de 10 pages la forme donne à votre mandataire de larges puissances de s'occuper avec beaucoup de sujets en votre nom, incluant : opérations bancaires et investissements, sujets d'impôts et d'assurance, paiement et collection de dettes, achat.....

Quebec Revocation of Power of Attorney

Cancel your Power of Attorney with this Quebec Revocation of Power of Attorney form.

  • So long as you have mental capacity and can understand the impact of what you are doing, you have the right to cancel an existing Power of Attorney at any time, and revoke the powers you gave to your agent (attorney).
  • Once you have signed the form, give a copy of it to the attorney.
  • You should also give a copy to any banks, financial institutions, medical facilities, etc. th.....