Retirement Planning Information

Download articles, information, checklists and retirement planning guides to help you make investment decisions today to ensure a secure financial position when you retire.

We all dream of retiring with a comfortable income so that we can enjoy those retirement years without worrying about unexpected bills and expenses. But that's not likely to happen without a solid financial plan that allocates a percentage of today's income to savings and investments to see us through our golden years.

Sit down with your financial advisor and figure out what retirement will cost you, then set up a plan together that will help you meet those needs. Invest as much as you can into retirement savings plans, and don't touch those savings!

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Investment Products as Part of a Complete Retirement Plan in Canada

Need help with your retirement planning?

Investment Products as Part of a Complete Retirement Plan is a 31-page expert guide which is full of good information to help Canadians assess the investment options as part of an overall retirement income plan. Topics include:

  • bonds,
  • cash investments,
  • common and preferred shares,
  • blue chip and growth stocks,
  • equity and fixed income investments,
  • GICs,
  • .....

Non-Resident Retirement and Lifestyle Issues (Canada)

Looking for happiness and financial security after retirement? Who isn't?

Canadian Retirement Lifestyle Issues and Non-Resident Retirement can tell you how. This 8-page expert guide was developed by McClure Financial Services Ltd. Topics contained in the guide include:

  • filling that extra leisure time,
  • relocating,
  • dealing with health issues,
  • relationships,
  • tax regulations governing off-shore investments, tax have.....

Pension and Severance Planning for Canadians

This 9-page information package was created by McClure Financial Services Ltd. to assist Canadians in determining their pension benefits, and in contingency planning in the event of being offered a severance package. Topics include:

  • government and employer-defined pension plans,
  • annuity and life insurance options,
  • group RRSPs,
  • severance package components,
  • retiring allowance,
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans.



Retirement Planning in Canada: Retiring at the Age You Want and the Income You Want

Would you like to retire early? Of course you would! Learn how to plan for an early and financially secure retirement with this 17-page seminar developed by McClure Financial Services Ltd. Topics include:

  • sources of income, and income options,
  • inflation indexing,
  • pension benefits,
  • personal life insurance,
  • group RRSPs,
  • inflation-proof income deficiency analysis,
  • how to determine whether you have sufficient funds to.....

Retirement Planning Strategies for Canadians

Worried about saving enough for retirement? Learn how to identify and take advantage of the best ways to save for your retirement with Retirement Planning Strategies for Canadians.

Topics include:
  • dynamics of financial planning,
  • determining personal goals,
  • sources of retirement income,
  • tax consequences,
  • preparation and implementation of a specific plan of action,
  • alternative strategies in the event of a shortfall.

RRSP's: Your Key to Tax Effective Growth

Learn how to make your RRSP a tax-effective component of an overall retirement plan with RRSPs: Your Key to Tax Effective Growth, which discusses:

  • RRSP basics,
  • tax savings,
  • capital growth,
  • rate of return,
  • spousal RRSP's,
  • income splitting,
  • foreign content,
  • rollovers,
  • self-directed accounts,
  • strategies and income options.

This downloadable seminar was provided by.....


Vital Knowledge for Canadian Retirement Planning

Are you ready for retirement? Do you know the 10 most common errors of retirement planning among Canadians? Vital Knowledge for Your Retirement Planning, by Lyle Manery, BA, CLU, CHFC, walks you through the process starting with your first investment decision.
  • Gain knowledge of the many issues which affect your financial future so you can make wise decisions.
  • Estate creation, conservation and distribution are all integral parts of the retirement planning process. These .....