Downloadable Contract for Deed and Mortgage forms for Alabama lenders and brokers.

  • All financial institutions and providers of credit, including mortgage lenders, are regulated by the State of Alabama Banking Department.
  • Anyone holding a mortgage broker license may broker first and second mortgages, without any special licensing for the second mortgages.
  • Alabama mortgages contain a power of sale clause, which allows the lender to foreclose and sell the property if the borrower defaults.
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Alabama Contract for Deed

This Alabama Contract for Deed allows the seller to assist the buyer by carrying part or all of the purchase price. In effect, the seller becomes the mortgage lender for the balance of the purchase money.

  • Title will transfer to the buyer once the seller has received payment in full of the principal and interest.
  • The seller has the right to take back the property if the buyer defaults in payment.
  • At the seller's option, the balance can be repaid by monthly p.....

Alabama Mortgage

Alabama mortgage lenders can use this comprehensive template to prepare a mortgage to secure a loan for purchasing a property.

  • Uniform Covenants: mortgage payments, taxes and insurance, prior charges on the land, hazard insurance, occupancy as principal residence, care and maintenance of the property, protection of the lender's security, etc.
  • False Information. If the borrower gave any false or misleading information on the loan application, the borrower.....