Distributor and Dealership Agreements

Set up a distribution or dealership network, or hire an agent to promote your products with these downloadable template forms. Choose from exclusive or non-exclusive distributor contracts, also licensing, assignment and termination agreements.


Q. What is the difference between a distributor and an agent?

A. A distributor is a person or company which buys products from you and then resells them to customers or sub-distributors. You have no direct relationship with the end user - only with the distributor. And the financial risk for unsold products rests with the distributor, not with you. In essence, your distributor is your customer.

An agent, on the other hand, contracts with you and is acting on your behalf, not on its own. Your agent will have whatever authority to act in that capacity that you decide is appropriate, such as the authority to negotiate contracts, arrange sales or leases, market and promote your products. But any sale or lease contract will be between you and the customer, and the agent will not be a party to the contract.

Q. Is a dealer the same as a distributor?

A. They're similar but not the same. A dealer sells the supplier's products through a retail outlet, and may obtain the products either from the supplier directly or from a distributor. Dealers are often franchisees of the supplier.

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Agency Services Agreement

Hire an agent to perform specific services for your company with this downloadable Agency Services Agreement template.

  • The agent must remit all money it has received on the company's behalf.
  • The agent will be paid a specified fee for its services, plus reimbursement for any approved expenses.
  • The Agreement will automatically renew unless canceled by either party.
  • This is a generic legal form which can be used anywhere.
The Agency.....

Assignment of Dealership Agreement

Assign a dealership interest to a third party with this Assignment of Dealership Agreement.

  • The dealer transfers and assigns all of its rights and interest in a Dealership Agreement to a third party assignee.
  • The form includes a Consent form which must be signed by the other party to the Dealership Agreement (such as a manufacturer or supplier).
  • This is a generic legal form which is not country-specifi.....

Australia Exclusive Agency Agreement

Australian distributors, prepare contracts for the suppliers you act for with this Exclusive Agency Agreement template.

  • The distributor agrees to act as the supplier's exclusive agent within a defined territory, to obtain sales orders from customers for the supplier's products.
  • The agent agrees not to compete with the supplier within the defined territory.
  • The supplier will provide the agent with demo models, samples, promotional and sales materials for the .....

Canada Agency Agreement

Appoint an agent to perform certain specified duties and collect money on behalf of your company with this Agency Agreement for companies located in Canada.

  • All funds received by the agent under the Agreement are received on behalf of the company and must be remitted to the company.
  • The agent is paid a fee for its services, and will be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the performance of its duties.
The Canada Agency Agreement template is available.....

Canada Agency Agreement to Identify Prospective International Clients

Canadian companies, hire an agent overseas to help you find markets in other countries with this Agency Agreement to Identify Prospective International Clients.

  • Hiring an agent on the ground in the target country is a cost-effective way to determine whether there is a viable market there for your goods or services.
  • Finder's fees will be paid to the agent on a sliding scale, based on the dollar value of the project.
  • The agent is bound by confidentiality and.....

Canada Contract Offer to Independent Sales Agent

Hire an independent sales agent with this downloadable Contract Offer Letter for Canadian businesses.

The company offers to retain the agent as a sales representative (on an independent contractor basis) for one of its locations in Canada. The letter sets out:
  • the territory allocated to the sales agent,
  • sales quotas to be met,
  • commission rate, draws, and base consulting fee,
  • expenses and travel allowance,
  • probation period,
  • $29.99

Canada Exclusive Distributor Agreement

Contract with a distributor to sell your products across Canada with this Exclusive Distributor Agreement for Canadian manufacturers.

  • The distributor is required to meet predetermined minimum purchase obligations throughout the term of the contract.
  • The distributor must devote a specified percentage of its display space to the products.
  • The manufacturer must give the distributor 30 days notice before a price change can be put into effect.
  • The .....

Canada Exclusive Representation and Promotion Agreement

Hire a marketing firm to market and promote your business overseas with this Exclusive Representation and Promotion Agreement for Canadian companies doing business internationally.

  • The company hires the marketing firm as its exclusive representative to assist in building a pilot site, and and to promote the company's proprietary system in various countries.
  • The marketing firm will finance construction and testing of the pilot site, and will market and promote working.....

Canada Nonexclusive Distributor Agreement

Enlist distributors to sell your products across Canada with this Nonexclusive Distributorship Agreement for Canadian manufacturers and suppliers.

  • The distributor has to meet predetermined minimum purchase obligations throughout the term of the contract.
  • The distributor must devote a specified percentage of its display space to the products.
  • The supplier must give the distributor 30 days notice before any price change.
  • The distributor is the s.....

Canada Sales Agency Agreement

Canadian suppliers, appoint a distributor to act as your sales agent within a specified territory in Canada with this Sales Agency Agreement.

  • The Agreement contains wording for either an exclusive or non-exclusive agency appointment, whichever is applicable.
  • The sales agent will do marketing, solicit orders (from end users only), collect accounts receivable within the territory and provide the supplier with quarterly sales forecasts.
  • The sales agent is a.....