Keep those lines of communication open with your franchisees

Franchisees often look to their franchisor as a "parent figure" - a pillar of strength to lean upon and a chief source of advice, knowledge and creative inspiration. If you as a franchisor fail to live up to this larger-than-life image and do not provide sufficient advice and direction to your franc...

Help Your Franchisees Implement Business Solutions

In a previous post, we discussed how developing a good questioning strategy can help franchise support representatives to solve franchisees' business problems. This article covers the next step - implementing a solution.

1. Determine the implementation timeframe.

solutionOften franchisees will have predet...

Reputation Management - 5 Steps to Rebuild Your Image After a Lawsuit

The end of a lawsuit – or any crisis for that matter – can necessitate the question of how best to move on. How to rebuild or manage your reputation going forward after a public embarrassment can be a significant challenge, and not just for major public figures or the heads of large companies. While...

To solve franchisee problems, you need to ask the right questions

As a franchisee support representative, one of your most important problem-solving tools is a well developed questioning strategy. You can use thoughtful, well-crafted questions to define a franchisee's problem and to determine the franchisee's needs. But a good questioning strategy has a far broade...

A 5-Step System to Solving Franchisee Problems

Whether you are a Franchise Support Representative dealing with franchisees, or a teacher helping a student work through the reasons why he/she has trouble with math, the steps to effective problem solving are essentially the same:

  1. Gather information and define the problem.
  2. Determine the proba...
How Driverless Cars are Changing the Auto Insurance Industry

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has made his position clear that if one of their self-driving cars has an accident, Tesla will not be liable and it will be up to the individual’s insurance unless the accident was the result of a design flaw. Volvo, Google and Mercedes Benz, on the other hand, have all stat...

How to Deal With Resistance from Franchisees

It is natural for franchise support representatives to feel that if you present our ideas clearly and logically and with the best interests of Franchisees at heart, they will accept your expertise and follow your suggestions to build their business. Therefore it comes as a surprise when you find out that some Franchisees will always resist change, no matter how reasonable the recommendation. But resistance is not futile.

What Canadian Travelers Can Do to Avoid High Medical Costs Abroad

Baby boomers have the freedom and the resources to travel but they are also of an age when they face the very real possibility of incurring medical costs in a foreign country. So how do you indulge your passion for travel while providing for unexpected medical emergencies at the same time?

9 Things You Should Do if You're Involved in an Auto Accident

Do you know what to do if you're involved in an automobile accident? Here is a list of 9 steps you should follow.

Resolve Franchisee Issues by Encouraging Input and Discussion to Find Solutions

Our continuing series on Resolving Issues with Franchisees provides guidelines for the Franchise Support Representative to follow in attempting to find a solution to contentious problems with a franchisee by listening to their point of view and brainstorming to come up with solutions.