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    2011, April

    0 10 Good Reasons to Sign a Contract When Renovating Your Home

    Before you start that major renovation...

    Are you planning to use a contractor to renovate your home? Before you do, have a set of plans drawn up and enter into a written construction contract with the contractor so the project can be performed in accordance with your specifications. These are critical items that will protect your interests as a homeowner and the interests of the general contractor as project overseer.

    Here are 10 good reasons to have a written renovation contract signed and i...

    0 11 Steps to a Successful Strategic Planning Meeting

    Strategic planning is critical to the success of your business. It is an opportunity for management and staff to brainstorm and discuss a wide variety of ideas that might not otherwise be suggested or considered as potential strategies. It also reinforces the company's core values and sharpens the focus of the whole team on the mission, the goals and the objectives.

    business meetingAim to hold a strategic planning meeting for all key personnel once a year, and encourage departments to hold followup sessions at...

    0 How to Set Up a Business Lunch

    Power lunches are an important part of the average executive's busy week. They give you a chance to meet with a prospective client, partner or business ally outside the office, to discuss your business in a relaxed setting. Many a high-level deal has been finalized over a veggie wrap and espresso. [caption id="attachment_661" align="alignleft" width="150"] Image © Sura Nualpradid[/caption] But if you've never arranged a business lunch before, it can be a little intimidating. You want to impress ...