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    2012, September

    1 What is My Risk Exposure as a Condo Board Member?

    If you've ever sat on the Board of Directors of a condominium or strata corporation, you know that the role can at times be frustrating, stressful, thankless, and time consuming. But it can also be rewarding, because it gives you an opportunity to directly enhance the value of your property and improve the quality of life in your community. But is there any liability risk involved in serving on the Board? And if so, what is the level of your exposure?

    0 Is An Oral Contract Enforceable?

    Samuel Goldwyn once said, "An oral contract isn't worth the paper it's written on." Sam had a point - it's often very hard to establish with 100% accuracy whether a contract actually exists, let alone the terms of the contract, if there is no written point of reference. And if you can't prove you have a contract, how can you enforce it?

    0 What Is the Purpose of an Affidavit?

    Many formal proceedings and applications require you to swear an affidavit under oath (or make an affirmation) as part of the documentation. Some examples of this are: obtaining a passport, proving service of legal documents, getting a mortgage or other type of loan, changing a title deed after a name change following marriage or divorce, and selling assets.