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    2012, July

    0 Defining the Role of an Estate Administrator

    Most people know what the role of an executor is. Your executor (or personal representative) is the person you name in your Will to distribute your estate assets to your beneficiaries. But who distributes your assets and wraps up your estate if you die without a Will?

    0 Condo, Strata, Co-op, HOA - What's the Difference?

    For many city dwellers, home ownership in a common interest development (CID) such as a condominium / strata, townhome, housing cooperative or HOA is a desirable and affordable option. With so many options available, how do you pick the right one? What are the differences?

    0 Condominiums - Who Owns What?

    How much of the unit does the unit owner own, and what constitutes "common property" of the condominium? In other words, who pays for an element like a window if it needs to be replaced or repaired?

    0 Do You Know What Your Net Worth Is?

    "Net worth" is the amount by which the total value of your assets exceeds the total amount of your liabilities. Do you know what your net worth is? Data collected by National Longitudinal Surveys over the past 12 years indicates that 70% of people think that they are worth less than they really are, while 25% believe they're worth more.

    4 Have You Outgrown Your Estate Plan?

    Your financial needs change throughout your life as well. What was important to you at 25 may not matter at all by the time you hit 50. The priorities of middle age wouldn't even have entered your mind back then. And your personal and estate planning strategies should change right along with those life stages.