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    2012, May

    0 Do You Have the Right to Place a Lien on Someone's Property?

    We are often contacted by customers who want to know how they can file a lien on someone's house or vehicle. Many people have the idea that if someone owes them money for any reason, they have the right to place a lien on the debtor's property. Often the answer is no. First you need to understand what a lien is, how lien rights are created, and whether or not you have the right to file that lien.

    0 Four Good Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Shareholder Agreement

    Every business partnership, no matter how good the relationship, has the potential to end in dispute. So long as the parties agree on significant matters, minor disagreements generally resolve themselves. The best and most proactive way to attempt to resolve or avoid potential conflicts and to minimize the costs involved in conflict resolution is to have a Shareholder Agreement in place to deal with significant business issues before they arise.

    0 Hiring for Nonprofits: How to Find Good Staff When You Have Little Cash

    Hiring for nonprofits is not the same as hiring staff for a profit corporation. For one thing, you'll be working with substantially less money in your personnel budget than a private company of comparable size would have available.

    0 Why You Should Incorporate Your Nonprofit Organization

    A nonprofit (or not for profit) organization is exactly what its name implies – it is an entity that uses any surplus revenues it generates in order to achieve certain goals, rather than as profits to be distributed among the shareholders. It can be incorporated or unincorporated, but there are advantages to being a corporation, such as limiting the liability of the members.

    0 Is Your Vacation Home Paying for Itself?

    Rental properties such as cabins and cottages are becoming increasingly popular as they are generally more cost-effective than staying in a hotel and more comfortable for extended stays. This gives vacation property owners an opportunity to have their property pay for itself by generating revenues when they're not using it.