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    2013, July

    0 How important is online reputation management to your business?

    No matter whether you have brick and mortar locations or whether you are strictly an online merchant, your business depends on its Internet profile to generate leads and sales. Product and site reviews and social media comments are critical to your success. With that in mind, you'll need to become acutely aware of what people are saying about you online. While you can't control what is said, you can take action to mitigate damages caused by bad reviews or comments, managing your reputation in the process.

    0 Business Succession Planning for the Entrepreneur

    In planning for business and economic challenges, succession, retirement, sale of a business, or the withdrawal of equity from a business, the entrepreneur should properly consider the question of how to extract or protect his/her equity in the business. This planning process begins by a careful examination of the issues faced by the entrepreneur, then consideration of the options available, and then the formulating of a step by step process of documentation and action.

    2 How to Become a Commissioner for Oaths in Canada

    When working in a law firm you are often called upon to take an affidavit or declaration of a client, so most law firms - especially small ones - maintain commissioner appointments for a number of their support staff. This article discusses the authority of commissioners, requirements for becoming one, and where to apply.

    0 Breaking Up the Partnership - How to Still Be Friends When It's Over

    You went into business with a friend or colleague, and for whatever reason, it didn't work out. Now you want to dissolve the partnership but you're worried it will ruin your friendship. You need to find a way out of the business relationship that doesn't leave you hating each other at the end of the process.

    0 Winding Down Your Business? Here's What You Need to Do

    Have you reached a point with your business where it's no longer desirable or feasible to continue operations? If you're not considering selling it, then the only other course of action is to shut it down, liquidate the assets, and pay your creditors.