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    2011, October

    0 Reason and Logic - The Building Blocks of a Persuasive Argument

    A good speech is built from the ground up. Approach it the same way you would approach the planning and construction of a home. It must have a solid foundation, reinforced with facts and logic, before the ornamental fiddly bits (humor, style and delivery) are added. Form and functionality must combine to create the final aesthetic "whole".

    0 9 Tips for Giving a Gracious Acceptance Speech

    There are nine key elements to giving a gracious and memorable acceptance speech. Remember these and you'll be accepting awards left, right and center.

    0 How to Give a Great - and Memorable - Commencement Speech

    It is a singular honor to be asked to give a commencement speech at your old high school, college or university. It can also be very nerve-wracking to prepare such a speech. By following these simple guidelines, you can make the process much less anxiety-laden and even enjoyable!