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    2012, April

    0 Can You Get Out of a Contract After You've Signed It?

    If you've already signed a purchase or lease contract, is there any way you can legally get out of it now? Maybe there is. Many countries, states, provinces and territories have laws in place to protect the rights of consumers and to ensure that they are well informed about the goods or services they are purchasing or leasing.

    1 Don't Get Caught Without a Business Plan!

    business plan is one of the most important tools of doing business. Not only does a business plan lay out your vision for your company and its future direction and growth, it’s also a key component in obtaining financing and attracting investors. A business plan explains what your company does, how it plans to succeed and why lenders or investors should have confidence in its potential.

    0 Start Your Own Cleaning Business

    Thinking of starting your own cleaning business? It's a great opportunity for anyone who is hard working and responsible, and you can start working from your own home with only a minimal investment for start-up expenses. You can expand the business at your own pace and hire extra staff on an "as needed" basis.