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    2013, April

    0 Understanding Your Risks Under a Personal Guarantee

    For a start-up, a business loan may be the only way to get your operation off the ground. So if you find yourself with no other option, you may have to bite the bullet and sign that guarantee. Just make sure you know what the risks are before you do that.

    0 Want to Keep Great Employees? Cut Them In on the Profits

    Nothing inspires dedication, hard work and above-and-beyond effort than ownership of the company. When your future is tied to the future of the business, you do tend to feel a bit anxious over the bottom line.

    0 How to Apply for a Registered Trade-Mark

    Most successful businesses would say that their brand is their most important asset. A well-known and respected brand attracts new customers and keeps old customers coming back. But how do you protect your brand? Generally, the best way to protect your brand is to adopt a brand name that is eligible for protection as a registered trademark and then to register the brand as a trademark.

    0 What is the role of a Master Franchisee?

    A master franchisee (also called a subfranchisor) contracts with the franchisor to fulfill the franchisor's obligations of providing support and services to all the franchisees within a defined territory.

    0 How is a Deed of Trust Different from a Mortgage?

    A deed of trust might make it easier for you to get a loan to purchase your new home than trying to get a traditional mortgage from a bank. That's because you're basically giving over the deed to the property to the lender as security for the loan. But not all states allow the use of deeds of trust.