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    2012, December

    0 How to Find the Ideal Location for Your Franchise

    What they say about real estate also applies to franchises: Location, location, location! If your business is not sited in a place that will draw customers, your business cannot succeed. So how do you find that most suitable place to open up your business?

    0 What's the Difference Between a Gross Lease and a Net Lease?

    When negotiating that business lease, it's vital to know what type of lease your landlord is proposing, because that will determine what your final monthly costs are going to be. By the time you add in the various expenses - maintenance, taxes, common area costs, gas and utilities, etc - you may find that the cost of leasing the space is much too high.

    0 Checking In With Your Employees is Key to Good Human Resource Management

    Orientation is a critical aspect of employee retention. Since the orientation process takes time and planning in order to be effective, this article will focus on the next critical aspect, which is following up with new employees.

    0 Is a tenancy at will a lease?

    A customer recently asked if a tenancy at will is the same as a lease. A tenancy at will is not a lease, but in answering that question it became obvious that our visitors might find an examination of each of these tenancy arrangements useful information.