License your software programs to third party end users with these downloadable UK Software Licences and Development Forms.

English copyright laws protect software on the same basis as literary works such as books, plays and screenplays. Decompiling, copying, reproducing or distributing a software program without the permission of the owner is infringement. Databases are automatically protected against unauthorised removal and use of their contents.

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UK End User Software Licence Agreement (EULA)

UK software developers, license your software apps to end users with this UK End User Software Licence Agreement (EULA).

  • The software is to be installed on one computer only.
  • The end user is a licensed user only, and is not purchasing ownership of the software.
  • The licence is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom, including copyright laws.
  • Fully editable so you can customise it for your business.
This UK End User Software Licenc.....

UK End User Software Licence for Downloadable Software

Create an End User Software Licence for a downloadable software program with this template form for UK software developers.

  • The licence allows an online visitor to download the software product for use on a single computer.
  • The licence contains a disclaimer of any warranties (in other words, the program is provided 'as is') and limitation of liability clauses to protect the developer.
  • Technical support is NOT provided as part of the licence.
This .....

UK Perpetual Software Licence

UK software developers, grant a publisher, reseller or distributor a Perpetual Software Licence with this easy to use template.

  • The developer grants the licensee a permanent, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to distribute, resell, or sub-license the software.
  • In return for the perpetual licence, the licensee pays the developer a fixed lump sum licence fee.
  • The developer retains title to the original software, but title to any der.....

UK Software Beta Test Site Licence

UK software developers, grant a license to an end user to beta test your product with this Software Beta Test Site Licence template.

  • The licence is a royalty-free, nonexclusive, nontransferable single site licence which allows the user to beta test a software product, at no cost to either party.
  • The parties acknowledge that the software is a beta test version, that there may be bugs or defects in the software, and that the software is not expected to function fully .....

UK Software Development Partnership Agreement

Set up a strategic partnership to develop and market a software app in the UK with this comprehensive Software Development Partnership Agreement.

  • The Agreement is between two parties who will work together to develop, implement, market and provide ongoing support for the software.
  • One of the partners will have primary responsibility for software development, and the other will have primary responsibility for marketing and selling the final product. Both partners will .....

UK Software Distribution Agreement

Create a Software Distribution Agreement between a software publisher and a developer with this UK Software Distribution Agreement.

  • This contract favours the distributor.
  • The developer grants the distributor the exclusive right to distribute and sell the software products, either itself or through third party distributors, throughout the territory.
  • The developer also grants the distributor the non-exclusive right to use its trade marks in connection with t.....

UK Software Escrow Agreement

Place source code in escrow with this Software Escrow Agreement template for UK software developers.

  • The Escrow Agreement is pursuant to software licence and maintenance agreements between the developer (licensor) and a customer (licensee) who requires uninterrupted availability of the source code as an essential element of its business.
  • The licensor will deposit the source code, documentation and related materials with the escrow agent following development, and wi.....

UK Software Evaluation Nondisclosure Agreement

UK software developers, protect your proprietary rights during an evaluation by a third party with this Software Evaluation Nondisclosure Agreement.

  • The developer agrees to provide the software program to the third party for evaluation purposes.
  • The evaluator agrees not to disclose any confidential and/or proprietary information with respect to the software.
  • The evaluator agrees to return the software and all information and materials to the developer at.....

UK Software Integration Licence

Prepare a Software Integration Licence with this easy template form for UK software developers and publishers.

  • The developer grants a non-exclusive licence to a licensee (another developer) to integrate the developer's software into a software package or product developed by the licensee, for distribution to resellers and end users.
  • The licence also grants the licensee the right to use the developer's trade marks and other proprietary markings in connection with the.....

UK Software Sublicence Agreement

Sublicense software apps to resellers and subdistributors with this downloadable Software Sublicense Agreement for UK software distributors.

  • The distributor grants a royalty-free, nonexclusive non-transferable sublicence to the reseller to allow the reseller to sell, use and distribute the software to customers.
  • Copying of the software is not allowed. Additional sublicences must be obtained for additional copies.
  • The reseller is not purchasing the software,.....